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Penetrating keratoplasty for keratoconus: an OCT study of the healing patterns and correlation with suture depth

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Session Details

Session Title: Cornea Surgical II

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 13/09/2016 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 09:16

Venue: Hall C2

First Author: : H.Rashed EGYPT

Co Author(s): :    M. Ismail                    

Abstract Details


To assess the effect of suture depth in penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) on the healing pattern at the graft-host (GH) interface in cases of keratoconus.


Nour El Hayat hospital, Ain Shams University, Al Azhar University - Cairo, Egypt


This study was comprised of 91 eyes with keratoconus who had had PKP 1 to 5 years prior to the time of the study. All sutures had been removed. For each graft 8 GH interface points were scanned using an iVue SD-OCT system (OptoVue, USA). Image analysis was done in images where suture track was clear and the following recorded: healing pattern (well-apposed, graft step, host step, tag, protrusion), suture depth percentage on the graft side (SDPG) and on the host side (SDPH), and suture depth percent difference (SDPD). SDPD was calculated as the difference between SDPG and SDPH.


Clear suture tracks were seen in 403 of 728 interfaces. Well-apposed interfaces, 78 (19.35%), had the deepest (mean SDPG of 62.3 ± 10.43%), and most uniform (mean SDPD of 2.56 ± 3.83%) suture depth on graft and host sides. Graft step, 156 (38.93%), showed a shallow graft side depth (mean SDPG 54.83 ± 7.42%) with deeper host side depth (mean SDPD 17 ± 5.74%). Host step tracks, 104 (25.8%), were deep on the graft side (mean SDPG 66.11 ± 7.95%) and shallow on the host side (mean SDPD -11.66 ± 2.96%). Gaped interfaces, 26 (6.45%), were consistently shallow on both sides (mean SDPG 44.2 ± 12.3%, mean SDPD 5.2 ± 2.67%). Suture depth in tag and protrusion was not significant.


In PKP for keratoconus deeper suture bites in both the graft and the host are associated with the most uniform healing pattern.

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