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Uncomplicated phacos with or without a capsular tension ring in eyes with pseudoexfoliation (PEX)

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Session Title: Cataract Surgery Instrumentation/Surgical Devices

Session Date/Time: Sunday 11/09/2016 | 10:30-12:00

Paper Time: 11:36

Venue: Hall C1

First Author: : J.Slagsvold NORWAY

Co Author(s): :                        

Abstract Details


A randomized prospective study to evaluate the effect of capsular tension rings (CTR) in uncomplicated phacoprocedures in eyes with pseudoexfoliation (PEX)


Dept. of Ophthalmology, SSHF, Arendal, Norway


A 5-year prospective study included 80 eyes with PEX; i.e. 62 women and 18 men which after uncomplicated phacos received a CTR in 50% of the eyes; i.e. 40 eyes CTR+ and 40 CTR-, done by a single surgeon using a temporal incision, Tecnis ZCB IOL and the AMO inject.Ring. Best postoperative visual acuity (BCVA), IOP, change in the rexis configuration or IOL position, CTR behavior and secondary cataract were recorded.


The Day 1 IOP was 15 mmHg in both CTR groups; IOP > 22 mmHg in 10% of eyes. The 4-week BCVA (Snellen) was 0.9 in both CTR groups. In 5 years no IOL needed a secondary reposition, no IOL-donesis was detected, but a decentration > 0.5 mm existed in 12.5% in both CTR groups. The rexis opening became stable after 3 mnths; the shrinkage was 15% in both groups. Ovalization of the rexis developed in 37.5% with the CTR+ and in 17.5% in CTR-. All CTRs looked normal, in 2/3 eyes one loop-end was more sentral. In 5 years YAG capsulotomies were performed in both groups in 31% of eyes due to secondary cataract.


A 5-year prospective study was undertaken in eyes with PEX after uncomplicated phacos comparing eyes implanted with or without a CTR. The CTR did not influence the results of IOP, BCVA or development of secondary cataract (31% both groups). No eyes needed reposition or had donesis of the lens. The CTR did not protect against shrinkage of the rexis (15%), however created ovalization of the rexis (37.5 versus 17.5%). Clinical nonsignificant decentration of the IOL were similar in both groups. All the CTRs looked normal. The CTR-implant is helpful if the IOL should decenter cinically significant.

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