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2018 Practice Management Competition

This competition is now closed.

Thank you for your entries. The winner will be announced at the 36th Congress of the ESCRS in Vienna, Austria.

The ESCRS Practice Management and Development Committee is excited to announce the 5th annual ESCRS Practice Marketing Competition. The winner will be announced during the 36th Congress of the ESCRS in Vienna.

“The competition is an opportunity for you to make a contribution to the Practice Management and Development Programme,” said Paul Rosen, chair of the Committee. “The competition enables ESCRS members to demonstrate what they have achieved with their entrepreneurial skills and show colleagues what they may be able to do in their own businesses.”

The criteria for entry are straightforward – the judges are looking for a marketing campaign that: 
1) Helps to create awareness about the practice/clinic
2) Results in an increase in enquiries and new patients that translates into additional revenue

Creativity on a modest budget is encouraged!

Deadline for submission: Monday 30 July 2018.

The winner of the Marketing Competition will receive a €1,000 bursary and an invitation to present during the 2019 ESCRS Practice Management and Development Programme in Paris, France.

Entries should be sent to ESCRS Practice Management Project Manager,
Colin Kerr at