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1stQ Deutschland GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: 1stQ Deutschland GmbH
Harrlachweg 1
68163 Mannheim / Germany
Phone: +49 621 7176330 / /

1stQ, a technology-driven organization located in Mannheim/Germany, is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of ophthalmic products, in particular Intraocular Lenses, Accessories and Instruments.Our mission: to provide optimal natural vision after cataract surgery through individual refractive precision landing.
Our portfolio comprises a wide range of implants such as aspherical, progressive and torical Basis IOLs, AddOn IOLs, functional patient education tools, simulation software and IOL calculation tools.Through our line of accessories such as custom packs and a unique range of single use instruments we contribute to making cataract surgery more efficient and safe.1stQ – a synonym of first quality in ophthalmology

Ophthalmic surgian products, in particular Intraocular Lenses, Accessories, Instruments.

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2Eyes Vision S.L.

Website address:

Company contacts:

2Eyes Vision is a spin off company of the Spanish National Research Institute promoted by researchers of the VioBio Lab, one of the most recognized labs in the field of optics worldwide. The company aims at becoming the market reference in the creation and development of technologies for visual diagnostics and corrections.

IOL selection, cataract surgery, IOL simulator, Multifocality, Monovision

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66 Vision Tech Co.,Ltd.

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Company contacts:

66 Vision Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1956 as a professional manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments, is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sale and service of ophthalmic devices. The products include slit lamp microscope, operation microscope, IOL, surgical instrument, electronic device and laser medical device.Our company has passed ISO9001&ISO13485 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Most of our products have obtained CE certification and FDA approval.
Welcome to visit our booth or factory to start our win-win cooperation.

High Quality Ophthalmic Instruments

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9Glens® Medical Limited

Website address:

Company contacts: 9Glens® Medical Limited
Oberndorferstr. 72
D-64347 Griesheim

Tel: + 49 6155 82 58 43
Fax: + 49 6155 82 82 89

Karl A. Magill - Owner and Managing Director

9Glens® Medical Ltd's lenses & implants meet the highest quality standard required by the European Union and carry the mark of approval: European CE Mark, Worldwide ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 Quality Systems.

Products include:

• 9Glens® Hydrophilic, Aspheric Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic IOLs offering outstanding biocompatibility
• 9Glens® OVD Viscoelastic Solutions 1.0%, 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 3.0% Sodium Hyaluronate
• 9Glens® HPMC 2.0% & 2.4%
• Re-usable & disposable LENS INJECTION SYSTEMS
• Injector Cartridges
• 9Glens® Capsular Tension Rings
• 9Glens® AMD – Macular Disease DOUBLE LENS SYSTEM 9G–X2
• Vitreoretinal & Anterior Instrumentation
• Microsurgical Knives
• Disposable Instruments

IOLs, OVDs, Injector systems, CTRs, disposable instruments, microsurgical knives

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A.R.C. Laser GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Bessemerstr. 14
90411 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 911 21 779 0

Cataract Nano Laser: CETUS
Photodisruptor: Q-LAS
Photocoagulator: CLASSIC
Endo-Cyclocoagulator: FOX
Nd:YAG Laser: Q-LAS
Diode Laser: FOX

Lasers, slitlamps, cataract surgery, laserphaco, photocoagulator, cyclo-photocoagulator

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a1 medical GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: MR Nazim Özbek, Vice President
Tel.: 0049-7732-97827922
Mobile.: 0049-175-6926163

a1 medical GmbH
- Finest surgical Instruments
- Sterilization equipment
- Unique Products
- New developments

Surgical Instruments, Sterilization Equipment, Unique Products for Ophthalmology

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Aaren Scientific, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Aaren Scientific, Ins.
1040 S. Vintage Ave
Ontario, Califiornia, 91761

Aaren Scientific manufactures, designs and markets high quality Intraocular Lenses in the USA since 1990.

Intraocular Lens, Injection systems

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Titannium Ophthalmic Instruments; Disposable Ophthalmic Instruments; Slit lamp; Surgical Lens; Adapters for slit lamp and surgery microscope;

Ophthalmic Instruments; Slit Lamp; Adapters

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AcuFocus, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Matt Larson - Global Commercial Director, EMEA and APAC

AcuFocus, Inc., is a privately held ophthalmic medical device company that develops breakthrough technologies for the improvement of vision. The company's proven, proprietary technology platform uses a small aperture – or pinhole – effect to allow only focused light rays to reach the retina and bring objects into focus. The IC-8™ IOL is designed to provide a continuous and uninterrupted range of vision from near to far. The IOL is CE-marked and currently available in select markets. The KAMRA inlay helps presbyopic patients restore their near vision while maintaining their distance vision.

EDOF IOL, Corneal Inlay

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Website address:

Company contacts: Website:
Contact email:

Via San Marco 9/H
35129 Padova (Italy)
ph. +39 049 773 968
fax +39 049 097 0901

Adaptica was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the University of Padova, Italy specialising in adaptive optics and optoelectronics applied to Industry and astronomical research.

Adaptica leverages on its technological know-how and competences in astronomy to move from a better vision of the universe and its galaxies towards exploring vision and the human eye.

Adaptica soon expanded into health-care, with a particular focus on vision and eye-care. It develops and manufactures smart, mobile, easy to use diagnostic pieces of equipment that are currently distributed in over 40 countries worldwide.

Binocular Mobile Refractometer, Wearable Wireless Adaptive Refractor

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Aeon Astron Europe B.V.

Website address:

Company contacts: Aeon Astron Europe B.V.
J.H. Oortweg 19, 2333CH Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 71 332 2280

Aeon Astron Europe B.V.
Aeon Astron Europe B.V, is an innovative Biotechnology company dedicated to marketing innovative medical devices. The company has several R&D programs in biomaterials and regenerative medicine for ophthalmology indications. These devices include ologen® Collagen Matrix, BioCornea, and BioLens, which are designed for eye tissue repair and vision improvement.
J.H. Oortweg 19
Leiden, 2333 CH
T: +31 6 22367 929

glaucoma, collagen, tissue repair, eye surgery, scar prevention

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: AJL OPHTHALMIC, SA
Parque Tecnológico de Álava
C/ Ferdinand Zeppelin, 1
01510 Miñano

Company information not available


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AKRUS GmbH & Co KG Germany

Website address:

Company contacts: phone +49 4121 791930

Akrus medical technologies, founded in 1946, is now looking back on many decades as a suc-cessful manufacturer of medical devices.

Our surgical chairs and doctor stools are state of the art in design and functionalities and offer unsurpassed ergonomic features to both, patients and medical staff.

The positioning possibilities of the patients head allows the surgeon to assume an effortless and fatigue free upright posture even through extended procedures, thus preventing any stress to the spine due to improper ergonomic seating positions. Hence, no more back pain.

The right surgical chair just makes you feel better.

surgical chairs, doctors stools

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Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l.

Website address:

Company contacts:
Tel. 0039 049 8962074
Fax 0039 049 8962071

AL.CHI.MI.A. S.r.l. is a leading European manufacturer of medical devices. Currently, we carry two product lines: Ophthalmic Surgery and Human Tissue Processing (HTP ). Products for Ophthalmic Surgery include intraoperative and long-term endotamponades for vitreoretinal surgery, dyes to visualize tissues to be extirpated during cataract and vitreoretinal surgical procedures, and an ophthalmic gel to be used to protect the corneal surface during ophthalmic surgeries, and in ophthalmology. The HTP line offers products to process human tissues and cells intended for transplantation, and includes decontamination, storage, and transport solutions, and a device for antibiotic removal, before performing the sterility tests.

Medical devices for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery

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Albert Heiss GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG
Stockacher Str. 138
D-78532 Tuttlingen / GERMANY

German craftsmanship – worldwide service.
More than 90 years of excellence in German workmanship. Albert Heiss is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality surgical instruments in the field of ophthalmology. All products are made in Germany. We offer complete range of more than 1400 reusable instruments in Stainless Steel and Titanium. We are not only fast and accurate but also very reliable. We supply top-quality instruments that meet our rigid quality standards according to ISO 13485. This guarantees that our products will last for years in daily us

Surgical Eye Instruments and Accessories

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Albomed GmbH Germany

Website address:

Company contacts: Albomed GmbH
Hildebrandstrasse 11
90592 Schwarzenbruck

ALBOMED® GmbH is one of the leading and most innovative companies in medical technology in Germany. For more then 20 years ALBOMED® has been a market leader in developing and producing medical products for the ophthalmology.
The company's core competence is the development and production of viscoelastic substances. Our portfolio is completed by injectors, sterile one-time items such as cannulas and syringes, and additional accessories.

Viscoelastic substances and medical irrigation solutions

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Alcon Management SA

Website address:

Company contacts:


No product(s)/service information available

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Alfa Instruments

Website address:

Company contacts: Alfa Instruments Srl,
Via F.lli Bandiera NCC 80026, Casoria (Naples) – Italy
Tel. +39 081.584.82.87
Fax. +39 081.584.76.49

Alfa Instruments is one of the partners of Alfa Intes Group and It was founded in 2005 with the purpose to provide High Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment for Ophthalmology. The company has had an exponential growth, in fact it has immediately become leader of the High Tech Instruments also thanks to the exclusive distribution of important brands throughout the national territory. The company recently introduced in its portfolio an innovative line of intraocular dyes for vitreoretinal surgery classified as medical devices and distributed in many countries in the world.

Intraocular dyes for vitreoretinal surgery

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Alfa Intes S.R.L.

Website address:

Via Fratelli Bandiera 26, 80026 Casoria (NA)- Italy
Tel. +39 081.584.60.60
Fax. +39 081.584.25.26

Alfa Intes is one of the Italian leading groups committed in the manufacturing and marketing of eye health products ranging from ophtalmic pharmaceuticals and medical devices to nutraceuticals. Alfa Intes represents a consolidated reality within the Italian market with more than 60 years of experience driven by the same ambition: becoming the unique point of reference for every user in the ophtalmological market. Recently Alfa Intes is expanding is network pointing on the exporting of the products belonging to its portfolio.
Our goal is pointing to the future by providing innovative products within the highest quality standards required always at the service of our final customers.

Manufacturing and marketing of ophtalmic pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Alsanza Medizintechnik und Pharma GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts:

Alsanza is the manufacturer of innovative and high quality premium intraocular lenses. Besides monofocal IOLs, the company offers multifocal and trifocal solutions for a good vision at all distances. In addition to distance related solutions, Alsanza also developed toric IOL's for the correction of astigmatism. The company also present as the manufacturer of high quality sodium hyaluronate, balanced salt solution and single use injector cartridge systems.
Alsiol Monofocal
Alsafit Monofocal
Alsiol 3D VF Bifocal
Alsafit Trifocal VF
Alsafit Toric VF
Alsavisc Sodium Hyaluronate
Alsacell HPMC

Intraocular Lenses, OVDs, Sodium Hyaluronate, HPMC, BSS, Cartridge and Injector

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American Academy of Ophthalmology

Website address:

Company contacts: American Academy of Ophthalmology
655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is a global community of eye physicians and surgeons who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient care. As the leader in ophthalmic education, we offer a wealth of innovative resources, such as the ONE® Network, EyeWiki® and EyeSmart® public education website. Join us for AAO 2017 in New Orleans, Nov. 11-14.

Education/Training Materials, Patient Education Information, Publications, Video

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Amidia LTD., Switzerland

Website address:

Company contacts: Amidia LTD
Thomas Meyer

Nano diamond knives.

Diamond knives

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Website address:

Company contacts: APACRS Secretariat Office
c/o SNEC, 11 Third Hospital Avenue
Singapore 168751
Tel: +65 63227468 Website: : Email:

The APACRS is a leading organization representing cataract and refractive surgeons in the Asia-Pacific. It is a forum for regional interaction working in close partnership with regional and international cataract and refractive surgery societies in providing high quality ophthalmic education.

Cataract, IOLs, Refractive Surgery, LASIK, Phaco, Femto, EyeWorld Asia Pacific

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Website address:

PHONE: +91 44 30101401

Appasamy Associates is a global leader in delivering world's best Ophthalmology Products. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality wide range of Ophthalmology products that are most accurate and very reliable.

Slitlamps (LED & Halogen Illumination)
Digital Imaging Systems
Fundus Camera
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Autorefractor & Keratometer
Auto Lensmeter
LED HD Visual Acuity Charts
Chart Projectors
Refractor Head
Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Applanation Tonometer
Ultrasound Scanner (A & B SCAN)
Operating Microscopes
Phaco Emulsification Systems
Mobile Operating Table
Yag Laser
Green Laser
Intra Ocular Lens (Hydrophilic & Preloaded Hydrophobic)
Ophthalmic Visco Elastic Devices
Micro Surgical Instruments & Knives


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APX Ophthalmology LTD

Website address:

Company contacts: Elie Eliachar +972-54-4542549



Office Tel +972-4-8337250

Mailing address
APX Ophthalmology Ltd.
25 Yefe Nof Haifa 3437113

APX Ophthalmology Ltd. is a privately held company that manufactures and sells a novel pupil Expander to provide surgeons with effective pupil dilation, comfortable surgical performance and a high safety profile, in eyes with small pupils or floppy iris (IFIS).
The APX technology has created a safe, easy-to-use device, requiring minimal insertion and removal time, and does not impede surgical instruments within the surgical field.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:
tel +33561405235

Because you and your patient deserve it,

Arcadophta is offering extended safety features for a reinforced confidence in its products:

- All PFCL lots are tested using state of the art (IOBA) toxicity tests on retinal cells (ganglionic and ARPE cells) as part of the lot release process.
- Silicon oil is treated to eliminate small polymers and reduce emulsification risks
- We purify trypan blue to offer a better tolerance .
- we propose a single use gas technology for reliable mix ;
- and a protective HPMC solution, for cornea during surger

pfcl, silicon oil,gas,trypan blue, hpmc

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASCRS/EyeWorld
4000 Legato Road, Suite 700
Fairfax, VA 22033 USA
Phone: 703-591-2220

ASCRSMedia/EyeWorld: As the news and feature magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, EyeWorld serves as the premier publication for anterior segment surgeons. The magazine provides comprehensive ophthalmic news and the latest clinical information in the areas of cornea, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery, as well as periodic updates on retinal issues. Each article is carefully reviewed by the editorial staff, the article's sources, and the medical editors before its publication. EyeWorld Meeting Reporter/Video Reporter is taped live, onsite, sharing information on the latest cutting edge techniques and products in the ophthalmic industry.

Cataract, Refractive, Cornea, surgical video, magazine

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Website address:

Company contacts: ASICO LLC
PHONE: 1-630-986-8032
FAX: 1-630-986-0065

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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AST Products, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: AST Products, Inc.
9 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821 USA
(978) 667-4500

AST Products, Inc. (U.S.A.) manufactures a range of ophthalmic surgical products used by physicians to treat patients with cataracts. These products include the glistening-free and 360°-square-edge Asqelio™ soft hydrophobic intraocular lens and the premier delivery device, the lioli™ IOL Delivery System, which was designed for the implantation of a single-piece foldable intraocular lens into the human eye through a surgical procedure. The device's IOL-loading cartridge is pretreated with our innovative LubriMATRIX™ technology that offers a safe, simple and effective lens delivery.

Intraocular Lens, Intraocular Injector

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Website address:

Company contacts: NO.1,SIVAGANGAI
PH.NO: 91 452 3096100.

Aurolab, based in southern part of India, is an integral part of the Aravind Eye Care System. It manufactures a wide range of high quality ophthalmic consumables such as intraocular lenses, surgical sutures, pharmaceutical products, surgical blades and equipments.


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Avedro, Inc

Website address:

Company contacts: Avedro, Inc.
201 Jones Road
Waltham, MA 02451
+1 (781) 768-3400

Avedro is a privately held pharmaceutical and medical device company advancing the science and technology of corneal cross-linking and refractive correction.

For more information, please visit our website:

Cornea, Refractive Surgery, Cross-Linking, Pharmaceutical, Device

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Avellino Labs

Website address:

Company contacts: Avellino Labs
1505 Adams Drive, Suite B2
Menlo Park, CA 94025

+1 (650) 396-3741

Avellino Labs is pioneering personalized medicine for eye care. The Universal DNA Test™ is the world's first and only commercially available DNA test that can detect the genetic mutations responsible for five TGFBI-linked corneal dystrophies. Clinicians can definitively diagnose patients and screen laser vision correction candidates prior to surgery.

In May 2017, the company launched a genetic screening test for keratoconus in South Korea, and plans to launch similar tests in Japan, China, and the US in the near future. Additionally, the company continues to lead the world in the development of gene editing for corneal dystrophies.

DNA Test for Corneal Health

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Bausch + Lomb

Website address:

Company contacts: Website address:

We offer a complete portfolio of surgical products for cataract, retinal, refractive and corneal surgery.

Cataract, retinal, refractive and corneal surgery.

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Website address:

Company contacts: Baptiste Bobillier
Marketing Manager EMEA-Asia Pac
Tel: +33 (0)6 70 50 61 12

"Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) is a leading, world-class single use surgical company across all ophthalmic specialties. With over 80 years of experience, BVI brings together some of the most trusted ophthalmic brands: Beaver® microsurgical blades and knives, Visitec® I-Ring® pupil expander, cannulae and Single Use Instruments, Malosa medical Single Use Instruments, Merocel® ophthalmic fluid management, Wet-Field® electrosurgery, Endo Optiks® microendoscopy and Parasol® punctal occluders. Visit our booth N° P215 to learn more about our products."

Vitreoretinal, Cataract, Refractive, Glaucoma, Oculoplasty Surgeries & Laser Micro Endoscopy

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Benz Research & Development

Website address:

Company contacts: Steve Brauner
Benz Research & Development
+1 941 758 8256

Benz Research & Development is the primary independent supplier of IOL materials worldwide. Our patented ultra pure materials are 99.7% pure polymer. Purity has significant value – 55,000,000 implants made with Benz materials, no recalls. Our quality products include IOL25 – the first hydrophilic micro injection IOL material; Natural Yellow™ – the first and only natural UV and violet blocking chromophore; HF-3 – the first preloadable micro injection hydrophobic IOL material; and HR – the first sub micro injectable hydrophilic IOL material. Benz Quality. Benz Innovation.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Blink Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: Blink Medical Ltd
Radway Road
B90 4NS
Tel: +44 (0)121 386 5433

Blink Medical is one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality, single use surgical instruments and bespoke instrument sets.

This year at ESCRS, we are proud to be launching the Conjunctival Probe. This new innovative device can be used as an alternative to scissors during Sub Tenon's Anaesthesia, creating the perfectly sized incision and at the same time being cost effect.

Our high standards and attention to detail are reflected throughout the company, beginning with our manufacturing sites which adhere to IS 9001 and ISO13485, through to quality inspection, packaging, sterilisation, and the onward supply to the end user.

Single Use Surgical Instruments

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Block Optic

Website address:

Company contacts: Block Optic Ltd.
Semerteichstrasse 60

Individually designed units, according to your needs or room proportions - BLOCK stands for this.
It begins with the construction and ends with the design of the unit
Furthermore, various lacquering or any kind of synthetic material, e.g. according to Formica or a wooden design are possible. For demanding individualists we are able to adapt our production in a way of almost no limits regarding design and colour. Our own production of mechanical and wooden parts as well as our own development of the entire circuits and electronics demonstrates our particularly high competence.

BLOCK examination units: "Made in Germany"

units, refraktion chairs, instrument table, visual acuity systems

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Bohus BioTech AB, Sweden

Website address:

Company contacts: Bohus BioTech AB
Trädgårdsgatan 4
SE-452 31 Strömstad
Tel +46 526 14686
Fax +46 526 12622

Bohus BioTech is a Swedish company specializing in developing and manufacturing premium quality hyaluronic acid products for various applications. The ophthalmic product portfolio includes Microvisc®, Microvisc® Plus, Microvisc® Phaco, and BBTvisc™, which are products intended for cataract, trauma and refractive surgery, as well as Microdrops tear replacement for dry eyes. This year, Bohus BioTech celebrates its 25th anniversary developing and manufacturing premium quality hyaluronic acid products.

Ophthalmic viscoelastic devices. Eye drops.

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bon Optic Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Website address:

Company contacts: b o n Optic VertriebsgmbH.
Stellmacherstrasse 14
23556 Lübeck

Tel + 49 451 80 900 0
Fax + 49 451 80 900 10
Email contact address:

Contact: Mr. Michael Wuttke

b o n Optic - 35 years of Innovative Ophthalmic Diagnostics - established in 1982 ,bon is a leading German manufacturer of examination furniture and ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. The comprehensive b o n program includes Digital Slit Lamps, Fundus Cameras, Corneal Topographers, Scheimpflug Cameras, Aberrometers, Tear Film Analysis & Specular Microscopes. The products can be linked via the Phoenix software platform, a DICOM based image management software with patient database. The b o n range of examination units combine design flair with practical ergonomics. The bon service also includes Room layout and work flow planning. We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon so please visit us at Pavilion 2 Booth No. P276

A range of ophthalmic examination units ; compact / with wheel chair access / fully motorised Instrument tables

Examination Chairs
Chart Projectors
LCD charts with 3 D tests.
LED Digital Slit Lamps with USB connection
Aberrometer & Topographer combined
Antares the Dry Eye Corneal Topographer with colour image and dynamic tear film analysis
Sirius Scheimpflug Camera with Placido, Pupillography and Meibography
Polaris Tearscope
Cobra Fundus Camera with VSL analyser
Perseus Specular Microscope
Cross Linking System for treatment of Keratoconus
Iontophoresis for Cross Linking

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Website address:

Company contacts: Website address:
Company contacts:
Praia do Flamengo, 66 Bloco B - sala 401
22210-903 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Phone: +55 21 2225-2600
e-mails: /


Cataract, Refractive surgery, Cornea, Educational tools

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Website address:

Company contacts: BRUMABA GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Wolfgang Weiss
BGM.-Finsterwalder-Ring 21
82515 Wolfratshausen

Manufacturer of operating tables, operating stools and patient transport chairs,
recognized from their well-thought-out technology, aesthetic design and their unbeatable quality.

OP-tables, OP-Stools

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BTI Biotechnology Institute

Website address:

Company contacts: Xabier Landaluce
International Manager Endoret® (PRGF®)
Mvl: +34 671 021 694

Endoret Eye Drops kit
Endoret Surgery Kit
Endoret System V Centrifuge
Endoret Plasmaterm H
Endoret Plasmaterm H Plus

Ocular Surface Autologous Regeneration

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Bürki inno med Ltd., Switzerland

Website address:

Company contacts: Bürki inno med AG
Industriestrasse 67
9443 Widnau
fon: +41 71 744 88 66

Bürki inno med Ltd, Switzerland, stands for high-end ophthalmic instruments for cataract and vitrectomy surgery in Swiss quality. Since more than 20 years, we develop innovative products together with top ophthalmologists and partner companies, produce them in our facility and sell the products worldwide.

Cataract instruments disposable & reusable, Vitrectomy instruments disposable

Visit Booth: P102

C.I.O.M. srl

Website address:

Company contacts: C.I.O.M. SRL
20156 MILANO
TEL+39(0)2 33402669
FAX+39(0)2 33402671 -

We manufacture high quality trial lenses by ourselves in our factory in Milan since 1971. The product is 100% Made in Italy.
The raw materials choice is guarantee of long life and faultless products.
The carefull processing of lenses roughing, grinding and polishing guarantee small thicknesses in the middle and on the borders to avoid the astigmatism of the oblique rays in conformity with the international standards.
We assure: exact dioptric powers, the geometric centers coinciding with optic centers, the cylindrical lenses axis is geometrically centered.


Visit Booth: P1114

Canon Europa N.V.

Website address:

Company contacts: Canon Europa N.V.,
Bovenkerkerweg 59,
1185 XB, Netherlands

Established in 1937, Canon has grown into a global company operating in a diverse range of markets, including Business Solutions, Consumer Imaging, Broadcast & Communications, Medical Systems and Industrial Products

Canon's extensive line of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment spans cutting-edge digital retinal imaging systems, optical coherence tomography systems, fully automatic Ref-Keratometers and Tonometers, as well as associated intuitive control software to enhance patient care.

Optical Coherence Tomography, Retinal Cameras and Measurement Equipment

Visit Booth: P136

Cassini B.V.

Website address:

Company contacts: Cassini B.V.
Mauritskade 35
2514 HD The Hague
The Netherlands /

Cassini is an integrated key component of the cataract-refractive surgical suite, whereby the diagnostic data is used for patient selection, surgical planning, treatment delivery and post-operative follow-up. As part of our strategy Cassini has developed close partnerships with key players in the industry to offer surgeons a seamlessly integrated offering that delivers the best refractive outcomes to patients; increases the operational efficiencies at the same time; and allows surgeons to increase the conversion to more premium procedures and high-margin revenue streams. Partnerships include Lensar (femto-second lasers), Leica (surgical microscopes), Truevision (surgical guidance tools) and Ophtec (Intraocular lenses).

Premium Cataract surgery
Diagnostic devices

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Website address:

Company contacts: CenterVue SpA
Via San Marco, 9h
35129 Padova - Italy
+39 049 7396 147
+39 049 7396 148

Centervue is an Italian Company, leader in the eye care diagnostic field, that develops systems for the early detection of sight-threatening pathologies, such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. Centervue innovative products are technologically advanced and highly automated. Our portfolio includes: Retinal imaging systems, Fundus Automated Perimetry and Microperimetry devices.
Our goal is to offer user friendly products that allow Eye Practitioners to preserve patients' sight and quality of vision, in particular by detecting preventable diseases.

TrueColor Confocal Scanner, Fundus Automated Perimetry, Microperimetry, Fundus camera

Visit Booth: P146

ChongQing Sunkingdom Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:
+74912 779 678
20 Moskovskoye shosse, Ryazan 390010, Russia

СILITA Ltd. is focused on manufacturing hand-held ophthalmic instruments contributing to the world's advancement of high-quality and affordable medical care. CILITA's product range is being continuously adapted to modern trends in ophthalmic surgeries whereas high quality standards account for growing demand for CILITA ophthalmic products.

cataract surgery/ keratoplasty/ vitreoretinal instruments/ femto instruments/ LASIK/ oculoplastic

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CIMA Technology, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: Contamac
Carlton House, Shire Hill
Saffron Walden, CB11 3AU Essex
+44 (0)1799 514800

IOL materials:
• HI56 - Hydrophobic semi finished IOL technology for a superb Optical Quality.
• CI26 - Firmly established as the leading hydrophilic material for the production of IOLs.
• MICS22 - The next generation of hydrophilic materials customised for MICS IOL's.
• CI18 - A variation of the well known and established hydrophilic CI26 material with specific mechanical and optical properties for less conventional IOL designs.
• PMMA - Premium PMMA product for predictable outcome and maximum performance.
Delivery System:
• ErgoTouch - A delivery system that provides an ergonomic solution for improved control.

IOL Materials, Delivery Systems

Visit Booth: P135


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P225


Website address: WWW.CRMI.HK

Company contacts: Shu Ye
Add: Building H, Qianmen East Street No. 23 Courtyard, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 10006, China
E-mail: /

Acornea®, as the substitute of human cornea, can be used in the treatment of several cornea infections, ulcerations and even trauma and small perforation. Acornea is originated from animal cornea, engineered to remove living cells while retaining its corneal matrix. When it is covered on the lesions, it forms a physical coverage, isolation and protection onto wound bed. Meanwhile, it promotes the corneal epithelial regeneration and matrix synthesis. The product will gradually finish the integration process with the remnant corneal tissues, resulting in the corneal restoration in the aspects of structure and function as normal cornea.

Cornea Transplantation, Bioengineering cornea, Acornea® (Acellular Cornea Stroma)

Visit Booth: P2120

CRST Europe/Bryn Mawr Communications

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P276

CSO Italia

Website address:

Company contacts: "C.S.O.
Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici
Via degli Stagnacci 12/e
50018 Scandicci

Tel + 39 055 7221957
Fax + 39 055 721557

Sales office :

Francesco Messano

Nicola Palandri

Luciano Sassano

Product specialists:

Claudio Baglini

Marco D'Aquila

Gabriele Mazzei

"CSO (Italy) is an international leader in ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. SIRIUS device combines a Scheimpflug camera together with advanced Placido topography and pupillometry. This is the new generation of corneal tomography! New LED Elite digital slit lamp with new High-Resolution camera, the new ANTARES Topography System with dry-eye tools, and the Retimax electrophysiology system are shown. OSIRIS new aberrometer is on the booth, with COBRA, an advanced non-midriatic retinal camera with a very affordable price! A new corneal OCT machine is READY!
Refraction unit Future De Luxe is shown, made with new materials and provides the highest standards of functionality and reliability. "

"Refraction Units
Chart Projectors
LED Digital Slit Lamps
Chairs and Tables
Corneal Topographers
Dry-Eye and MGD Tools
Scheimpflug camera
Retinal Camera
Tear-Film Analyzers
Specular Microscopes
Electrophysiology diagnostic System

Visit Booth: P228


Website address:

Company contacts: CUTTING EDGE
770, Rue Alfred Nobel – Immeuble le Nobel
34 000 Montpellier
+33 6 38 79 18 59

Cutting Edge builds experienced and dedicated teams to design, prototype and
manufacture high-quality Intraocular Lenses as the new acrylic Monofocal IOL Synthesis®. Cutting Edge' state-of-the-art facility located in Toulouse, France honours the quality and process sophistication of the medical device industry. Cutting Edge's creative Research & Development department is continuously searching for new and innovative products and solutions in the field of eye surgery in conjunction with our network of scientific partners, suppliers, and commercial organization. Cutting Edge provides flexible and agile world-class surgical solutions to serve its worldwide partners. Cutting Edge SAS headquarters are in Montpellier, France.

Acrylic Monofocal IOL (Synthesis), vitreoretinal product, OVDS, Manufacturing services

Visit Booth: P1170

Daud Jee Mfg Co

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P175


Website address:

Company contacts: Email :
Contact : + 91 9810046979

Devine Meditech is India's most reputed manufacturer and supplier of Ophthalmic Equipments, consumables and Surgical Instruments

Intraocular Lenses : Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, CTR, Iris claw
Sutures : Catgut, Vicryl, Nylon, Silk
Blades and Knives : Keratomes, Crescent, Slit, MVR
Ophthalmic Test Strips and Sponges
Disposable Cannula,
Disposable Microsurgical Instruments.
Devine Microsurgical Instruments : Forceps, Scissors, Needle Holders etc
Devine Surgical KITS


Visit Booth: P1113


Website address:

Company contacts: DGH Technology INC,
Beverly C.

DGH Technology INC, pioneers in ophthalmic ultrasound industry. DGH manufactures UBM, A Scans, B Scans and the one of the world's best selling Pachymeters

Ophthalmology, Ultrasound, UBM, A Scan, B Scan, Pachymeter,

Visit Booth: P173

Diamatrix Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Web:
Phone: 281-367-8081
Fax: 281-292-5481

Diamatrix Ltd will be featuring our new Xpand X1 Ready-Loaded Iris Speculum, the latest in pupil enlargement technology. We will also be showcasing our ProTekt Sharps Safety Knives, Diamatrix Diamond Knives, ExactEtch Disposable Knives & ExactEtch Sutures.

Pupil Expansion Devices, Knives, Sutures, Repairs, Instruments

Visit Booth: P1155

Diopsys, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Bill Shields
VP, International Sales
Diopsys, Inc.

Diopsys is the leader in office-based visual electrophysiology. We provide eye care specialists with objective, functional information to aid in the early detection of vision disorders and enhance patient management through ERG and VEP vision testing.

Diopsys offers a full suite of visual electrophysiology modules, including PERG, ffERG, and VEP. Diopsys® ERG and VEP vision tests can be performed on the Diopsys® NOVA™ (cart) or Diopsys® ARGOS™ (tabletop) system.

The company understands the important role of early medical intervention for correctable vision problems, which can lead to an improved quality of life. Early detection means better patient outcomes.

Vision Testing Systems, Diagnostic Equipment, Medical Devices and Macular Degeneration

Visit Booth: P138

Duckworth & Kent Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Duckworth & Kent Ltd
Terence House, 7 Marquis Business Centre
Royston Road, Baldock
Hertfordshire, SG7 6XL, England
Tel: + 44 (0) 1462 893254

DUCKWORTH & KENT LTD a British company and the original manufacturer of reusable titanium surgical instruments for Ophthalmology, with over 56 years of experience in innovative design and advanced manufacture. Duckworth & Kent is known throughout the world for its quality and exceptional engineering.
Please visit our booth to see our wide range of instrumentation including new Capsulorhexis Forceps, Irrigation and Aspiration Handpieces and Nucleus Dividers. Instruments for Cataract, Micro Phaco Cataract, SMILE, DMEK, DSEK, Glaucoma, ICL and many more procedures.

Titanium Reusable Instruments - Manufacturer - Repair Service

Visit Booth: P276

E.Janach® srl

Website address:

Company contacts: Contact Person :
Mr. Bruno Cairoli
(International Trade & Relations)

Telephone : +39 031574088

Address : Via Borgo Vico 35 22100 Como – Italia

Company email Address :
Website: www.

E. Janach srl is leading manufacturer of reusable and disposable high quality Ophthalmic Instruments.
Based in Como, "Made in Italy", innovation, research and style at the service of premium quality.

"Made in Italy", innovation, research and style at the service of premium quality.
INNOVATIONS by E. Janach®:
Retinal forceps & Scissors
Femto Kits
DMEK set by R. Fogla MD
Lacrimal inspection
Toric markers (intra-op)

Eye Light®
Disposable & Reusable Meibomian Glands devices

Femto Laser instruments
1.5/1.8 mm MICS rhexis forceps
Pre-op/Intra-op TORIC MARKERS.
PDEK set
Smile set

Visit Booth: P177


Website address:

Company contacts: Mike DeCamp

Eagle Labs is an American manufacturer of single use ophthalmic cannulae, knives, instruments, eye spears, shields, drapes and more.

Single Use Ophthalmic Instruments, Cannulas, Knives

Visit Booth: P181


Website address:

+91 9820098931

TEXEL® CE certified Intraocular Lenses & Capsular Tension Rings are manufactured in ISO-9001 and ISO 13485 certified facilities.

TEXEL® SOFT Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lens
TEXEL® PMMA Intraocular Lens
TEXEL® Capsular Tension Ring

• Aberration neutral Aspheric square edge designed IOL
• Aberration neutral Aspheric square edge with advanced slit haptic designed IOL's.

The Company's state-of the-art technology enables us to achieve highest level of precision and consistency in delivery of high quality TEXEL® products.

Versatility of our precise advanced technology allows us to produce customized design product with utmost accuracy.


Visit Booth: P1169


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P162


Website address:

Company contacts:

Ellex is committed to helping ophthalmic surgeons across the world diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of visual problems and eye diseases. To that end, we provide a comprehensive range of laser and ultrasound products for the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, glaucoma and retinal conditions. The latest addition to the Ellex portfolio is ABiC, a restorative MIGS procedure that flushes out the natural outflow channels, without damaging tissue, and without leaving behind a stent or shunt.

No product(s)/service information available

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Entod Research Cell UK

Website address:

Company contacts: Phill Ball

I-Dew Green (Lissamine Green Ophthalmic Strips), I-Dew FLO (Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips), I-Dew Tearstrips (Schirmer Strips), LOC Tears Eye Drops, Optho-Lique Eye Drops, Optho-Lique Forte Eye Drops, Lashfactor

Lubricant Eye Drops, Diagnostic Ocular products

Visit Booth: P1118

Epsilon USA

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2106

ESCRS Clinical Trends Survey

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2106

ESCRS Resource Centre

Website address:

Company contacts:

ESCRS was founded in 1991 to promote education and research in the field of implant and refractive surgery and to advance and promote the study and practice of ophthalmology. ESCRS seeks to promote and support research in the field of intraocular lens implantation and refractive surgery and the dissemination of the useful results thereof. ESCRS has over 7,500 members from 130 countries world-wide.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: ESPANSIONE GROUP
e-mail :


No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P203


Website address:

Company contacts:

"Creating technological innovations in order to turn upside down people's habits and conventional wisdom" Yves Vincent BROTTIER, founder and CEO of E-SWIN and ESW VISION.

For 9 years, E-SWIN has been designed, developed and manufactured in its French factory medical devices using its own Intense Pulsed Light technology: IRPL®.

ESW VISION is dedicated to our ophthalmological range and we are happy to introduce the E>Eye, a breakthrough medical device treating dry eye and the only one in the world offering an innovative, safe and efficient solution for MGD (90% satisfaction from the first two sessions).

ISO13485 - CE mark

Technological treatment for dry eye syndrome (MGD)

Visit Booth: P1171

European Journal of Ophthalmology

Website address:

Company contacts: Marina Tresoldi
Journal Fulfilment and Customer Service
tel 00390255195443

The European Journal of Ophthalmology was founded in 1991 and is issued in print bi-monthly. It publishes only peer-reviewed original research reporting clinical observations and laboratory investigations with clinical relevance focusing on new diagnostic and surgical techniques, instrument and therapy updates, results of clinical trials and research findings.

Scientific Publication

Visit Booth: P1152A


Website address:

Company contacts: Mr.SRINI V.SRINIVASAN


Manufacture Intraocular Lenses, ( Foldable IOL's in Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Material, PMMA Lenses, IRIS CLAW Lenses )
Corneal Rings, Capsular Tension Rings and Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals.

Intraocular lens, Corneal Rings, Capsular tension Rings

Visit Booth: P1160

Excelsius Medical GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Excelsius Medical GmbH
Magirus-Deutz-Str. 14
89077 Ulm, Germany
+49 731 39897570

Excelsius Medical GmbH, is located in Ulm, Germany and is a manufacturer and provider of medical lasers for refractive surgery. We are a team of experienced and dedicated specialists from the field of ophthalmic surgical laser industry. Our aim is to provide the latest and most innovative technical solutions for laser refractive vision correction. Our philosophy is to go new ways in designing compact and cost efficient systems, created in constant dialogue with physicians and specialists from other fields of expertise.

Excimer Refractive Laser, Femtosecond Laser

Visit Booth: P276

Eye Pharma S.p.A

Website address:

Company contacts: via F. S. Borghero 9
16148 Genoa, Italy
+39 010 513188

We base our work on scientific research and innovation in order to create products which improve people's quality of life. Thanks to advanced technologies, we develop formulas from natural extracts, studied and clinically tested. We collaborate with several of the most important international research centers and with leading companies in the identification and development of standard active substances for use in the pharmaceuticals sector. Our objective is not to identify the diseases but to slow them down, by introducing dietary supplements which positively influence health into day-to-day eating habits. We can use nutrigenomics to fight what is now our most insidious enemy: silent inflammation, the chronic basis of many illnesses.

Eye Drops, Food Supplements, Medical Devices

Visit Booth: P191

Eyebright Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Company website:
Company email:
Contact tel: 010-84148096 / 60745730

Eyebright Medical Technology(Beijing)Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, located in the national innovation demonstration Zone of Z-Park, Bejing, China. The business start running at the point of researching,developing and producing independent innovative and national branded cataract intraocular lens to march into all varieties of ophthalmic products including disposables, surgical instruments, surgical equipment, vision care product and ophthalmic drugs.

Aspheric Intraocular Lens 、Intraocular Lens Delivery System、Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument

Visit Booth: P179


Website address:

Company contacts: EYEKON MEDICAL
Angela Montoya

Company information not available

Intraocular lenses, Viscoelastic, CTR, Disposable Injectors, Eyewipes

Visit Booth: P2111

Eyeol UK Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Nisha da Costa

Worldwide supplier of Intraocular lenses, viscoelastics and ophthalmic accessories.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P269

EyeYon Medical Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Website address:
Company contacts: Michal Shavit, Head of Sales & Marketing
Mobile +972.54.545.0506
Office +972.73.780.3607
Fax +972.73.780.3608
5 Golda Meir St, Ness Ziona, Israel

Specializing in developing medical ophthalmic devices, which offer unique solutions for corneal complications, including corneal edema:
1. EndoArt® - artificial endothelial layer that cures corneal edema using a silicon implant attached to the corneal surface. The EndoArt® is in pre-clinical stage and has demonstrated promising results in animal trials.
2. Hyper-CL™ therapeutic contact lens - unique design contact lens enables drug extended contact time on the cornea and enhancing the drug effectiveness. The lens unique design found to be beneficial for a variety of indications. The Hyper-CLTM is CE approved and FDA 510(K) cleared and it is in commercialization stage.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P259


Website address:

Company contacts: FCI S.A.S.
20-22 rue Louis Armand 75015 PARIS - France
Tel.: +33 1 53 98 98 97 / Fax: +33 1 53 98 98 99
Email: / Web:

Oculoplastics : BIKA®, Masterka®, Self-Threading Monoka®, Monoka® and Mini-Monoka® Autostable Intubation Set II ; Nunchaku®, Perforated Plugs, DCR Tubes & Balloon Catheter, Lacorhinostomy Tubes, Painless Plugs®, Preloaded Punctal Plugs, Ptose-Up ®, Ptosis Probes, Eyelid Weights , Eyelid Patches, Bioceramic Orbital Implants, HA Orbital Implants, Silicone Spheres, Conformers, Biopsy Cannulas ; Pess Implant.
Retina : Invitria®, Laser Probes, Laser Illuminations Probes and Fiber Optic Probess, Vitreoretinal Instruments and Accessories, Silicone oils, PFCL ,Self Retaining Silicone Oil Cannulas, Scleral Buckles in Silicone, ePTFE Scleral Buckles, Backflush Handles & Cannulas, Vitrectomy Lenses, Three Mirror Lens, Vitrectomy Kit.

medical retina surgical retina oculoplastics epiphora dryeye eyelids orbit

Visit Booth: P237


Website address:

Company contacts: Frastema S.r.l. / Italy
Mr. Nelson Sonnino /
Tel. +39 340 09 10 198

Company information not available

Ophthalmic equipment, Ophthalmic accessories, Ophthalmic diagnostic aids, Surgical Bed

Visit Booth: P1164

Freedom Ophthalmic

Website address:

Company contacts:

Multifocal IOL, Hydrophobic IOL, Hydrophilic IOL, PMMA IOL, Capsular Tension Rings, Cionni Rings, ViscoElastics, Tripan Blue ,Carbachol, Surgical Instruments, Titanium Surgical Instruments, Surgical Knives, Fluroscien Strips, Eye Shield and
Veterinary IOL, Injector and Cartridges

Intraocular Lenses- Multifocal, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, PMMA. Capsular Tension Rings

Visit Booth: P1145

Freudenberg Medical

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2121


Website address:

Company contacts: FREY S.J.
ul. Wolodyjowskiego 38
05-502 Piaseczno

Frey S.J. is a manufacturer of ophthalmic and optometric diagnostic devices, especially for early stage glaucoma and retinal disease detection.

Glaucoma, Perimetry, Tonometry, Chart panels, Slit lamp

Visit Booth: P235

Frimen Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Company Name: Frimen Co., Ltd.

Ophthalmic Forceps, Needle Holder, Scissors, Probes, Hooks, Spatulas, Fixation Instruments, Speculums, VR Instruments, Sterilization Trays. Titanium Ophthalmic Surgical Instrumets, Stainless Steel Ophthalmic Instruments

Titanium Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

Visit Booth: P233


Website address:

Company contacts: Mariano Cabo

Company information not available

Intracorneal segments

Visit Booth: P1110

Gebauer Medizintechnik

Website address:

Company contacts: Gebauer Medizintechnik GmbH
Monbachstrasse 7/1
75242 Neuhausen

Phone: +49 (0)7234 9421 0
Fax: +49 (0)7234 9421 20


With over 30 years of expertise and ground-breaking developments, Gebauer thrives on innovative progress within ophthalmology.
Gebauer specializes in high quality medical devices for corneal transplantation and refractive surgery – including the SLc Original for DSAEK comprising the widest range of cutting heads and the SLc Expert for creating lenticules for cornea LIKE® surgery. In this way Gebauer contributes greatly to the improvement of people's lives, delivering outstanding superior vision care with superior "Made in Germany" devices.

Medical devices for corneal transplantation and refractive surgery

Visit Booth: P2109


Website address:

Company contacts: GEUDER AG
Hertzstrasse 4
69126 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 3066
Fax: +49 6221 303122

Devices, instruments and biomaterials.
Devices: megaTRON S4HPS, endoTRON532 Endolaser, Xenotron III light source, MACH2 Cutter.
Dyers: Brilliant Peel Dual Dye, Brilliant Peel, Vioron.
Silicone Oils: Siluron, Densiron, Densiron Xtra.
Temporary Tamponades: F-Ocatene, F-Decaline, F6H8.
Gases: EasyGas.
Washout Solution: F4H5
Instruments: more than 3,000 different precision instruments, like DMEK instrument set, Ikeda-Yae instruments for astigmatism neutral incision, Femto Laser instruments, IOL transplantation instruments, Pure Efficiency Phako Sets, Uno Color Line series for vitreoretinal surgery. On request, we also offer custom-made surgical instruments that are individually adapted to the requirements and surgery techniques of the surgeon.

Device systems, instruments, biomaterials, sterilization containers, Lenswista Bandage Lens

Visit Booth: P1153A

gKteso GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: gKteso GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Str. 3
86399 Bobingen
phone: +49 8234 9663841
Fax: +49 8234 9663847

Manufacturer of high level patient tables and other medical components or products

patient tables

Visit Booth: P1128

Glaukos Corporation

Website address:

Company contacts: Glaukos Corporation
229 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672 United States
Phone: +1-949-367-9600
Fax: +1-949-367-9984

Glaukos Corporation is an ophthalmic medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of breakthrough products and procedures to transform the treatment of glaucoma, one of the world's leading causes of blindness. Glaukos has pioneered Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery, or MIGS, to revolutionize the traditional glaucoma treatment and management paradigm.

Glaukos is leveraging its platform technology to build a comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of injectable micro-scale therapies designed to address the complete range of glaucoma disease states and progression. Glaukos believes the iStent is the smallest medical device ever approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Glaucoma, Devices

Visit Booth: P2108

Haag-Streit Diagnostics

Website address:

Company contacts: Gartenstadtstrasse 10
3098 Koeniz
Phone: +41 31 978 01 11
Fax: +41 31 978 02 82
Email: info(at)

Haag-Streit is considered as the leading provider of instruments and medical-practice equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians.

As Haag-Streit Group we develope, manufacture and deliver high-quality products and first class service that completely fulfill the needs of our customers worldwide.
Visit us at our booth 2108.

Perimetry, Biometry, Slitlamp, Microscope, Tonometer

Visit Booth: P2108


Website address:

Company contacts: HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH
Rosengarten 10
D – 22880 Wedel

Tel.: +49 4103 709 363
Fax: +49 4103 709 355

As a member of the HAAG-STREIT GROUP we are committed to design and develop medical operating microscopes and software by the highest standards and for long-lasting use. With a company history of more than 150 years our products reached worldwide recognition in the field of ophthalmology and further disciplines.

To experience our surgical operating microscopes we and our worldwide sales partners would like to invite you to visit us at our booth 2108 to have a closer look at our ophthalmology product portfolio, particularly our unique HS Hi-R NEO 900A with the state-of-the-art iOCT® and our new and innovative ceiling unit.
We look forward to meeting you and convince you of our ophthalmologic products and their efficiency!

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2108


Website address:

Company contacts: Haag-Streit UK
Address; Edinburgh Way, Harlow, Essex CM20 2TT
Tel: +44 (0) 1279 883720
Fax: +44 (0) 1279 635232

Haag-Streit UK is the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard orthoptic, ophthalmic & optometry medical devices in the UK. Dedicated to providing tailored solutions through the integration of information technology, leading brand ophthalmic instruments and unparalleled customer care, Haag-Streit UK focuses on the individual requirements of both the professional and the patient.

The Clement Clarke Ophthalmic (CCO) brand was developed in 2012 to represent the instruments that are manufactured at HS-UK's HQ in Harlow, UK. These include the; Synoptophore, Perkins hand-held tonometer and BA 904 portable slit lamp. These products will be available on ESCRS booth no. 2108.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P261

Hanita Lenses

Website address:

Company contacts: Yakir Kushlin
VP Business Development
Mobile: +972.52.423.91.00 | Office: +972. | Fax: +972.
Skype: Yakir_k | mail:

Hanita Lenses is a worldwide trusted manufacturer and provider of intraocular lens solutions for cataract surgery. With more than 30 years of experience in meeting the varied needs of ophthalmic surgeons, the Hanita Lenses name is synonymous with high quality, reliability, and service. The company founded in 1981, offers cataract surgeons a complete solution for vision correction. Based on high-quality intraocular lenses, the company's solutions are backed by responsive service and access to Hanita's expert knowledge base. Hanita Lenses' Solutions are based on precision-designed lenses, targeted to cataract surgery and optimal vision solutions.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P275

Heidelberg Engineering

Website address:

Company contacts: Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
Max-Jarecki-Str. 8
69115 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 (0)6221 6463 0

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P261

HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Website address:

Company contacts: HEINE Optotechnik, Kientalstr. 7, 82211 Herrsching, Germany, Tel. 0049 8152 38-0, Email:,

In 1946 our founder, Helmut A. Heine started HEINE Optotechnik with one goal in mind; to build the highest quality diagnostic instruments available in the world. It was his belief that the highest quality instruments will always best support the health care professional in making the earliest and most accurate diagnosis. For over 70 years, our customers have been able to rely on this promise, and on their HEINE instruments for precise diagnostic performance, unique functionality and long lasting durability.

BIOs, Hand-held ophthalmic Instruments, Headlights, Loupes, Examination Lights

Visit Booth: P2117

Horus Pharma

Website address:

Company contacts: Laboratoire HORUS PHARMA
148, av. Georges Guynemer, 06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var, FRANCE

Tel : +33 (0) 493 195 403
Website :

Business Development :

Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma is an independent French laboratory specialized in ophthalmology. Horus Pharma develops, patents and markets products designed to facilitate eye and eyelid healthcare.
Horus Pharma operates in most segments related to ophthalmology and develops practical innovations that combine efficacy and safety.
Our laboratory has developed recognized expertise in the development of preservative-free formulations and product delivery systems.
For further details, please visit

Drugs, medical devices, nutraceuticals - covering all segments in Ophthalmology.

Visit Booth: P186

HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH
De-Saint-Exupéry-Str. 8
60549 Frankfurt
+49 (0)69 664268 -0

HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH

HOYA Surgical Optics is Singularly Focused on ophthalmology and provides ophthalmologists with innovative devices and services in key strategic segments.

HOYA's flagship the HOYA iSert® Preloaded IOL Platform offers the surgeon a variety of hydrophobic IOLs. The newest Vivinex™ iSert® is an innovative hydrophobic acrylic IOL preloaded in the iSert® injector. The Vivinex™ IOL-Platform is now complemented by the new Toric IOL model XY1A. This preloaded 1-piece IOL with additional blue light filter corrects corneal astigmatism up to 4,0 dioptres with 7 different cylinder powers (T3 to T9). The HOYA Toric Calculator is available online:


Visit Booth: P2108


Website address:

Company contacts: HS DOMS GmbH
Langenschader Strasse 67

D-07318 Saalfeld
Fon: +49 (0) 3671-54500
Fax : +49 (0) 3671-545020

Professional solutions for refraction and diagnostics
HS DOMS INTERNATIONAL is a leading German manufacturer of modern Ophthalmic examination equipment for both refraction and diagnostics. These devices are actively used in Ophthalmologists offices and clinics as well as by Opticians and Optometrists.
HS DOMS INTERNATIONAL has dedicated its knowledge and expertise into the development, manufacture and sales of internally developed, innovative and high quality products for Ophthalmology, as can be seen on our website.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2110

HumanOptics AG

Website address:

Company contacts:

As an innovative leader in premium intraocular technology, HumanOptics offers a comprehensive selection of premium implants for eye surgeries. HumanOptics manufactures with cutting-edge subnano-resolution technology to guarantee the highest precision and premium quality for their Premium IOL Platform products.

The portfolio not only includes standard–setting product ranges of monofocal, multifocal, or toric IOLs, but enables custom care for patients with special requirements, offering surgeons an exceptional diopter range: aspheric from -20.0 to +60.0 diopters and for toric IOLs, cylinder up to +40 diopters. Special implants, such as the ARTIFICIALIRIS or MICROSIL DIAPHRAGM DP4128, round out the portfolio.

Ophthalmic implants, intraocular lenses, lens application systems, artificial iris

Visit Booth: P1109


Website address:

Company contacts: Huvitz Co., Ltd.

38, Burim-ro 170beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14055, Republic of Korea

Tel: +82 31 428 9100

Huvitz Co., Ltd.

Huvitz has proudly developed Auto Ref/Keratometers, Auto Lensmeter, and Visual Acuity Testers with the own technology, optics, Mechanics, and
network technology, and has been supplying the products worldwide since 1999.

As the world-class auto ref/Keratometer maker, huvitz is aspiring to broaden its business domain by providing total ophthalmic products including
ophthalmologic diagnostic products and ophthalmologic surgical products. Our objective is to contribute to the health of the world by supplying better
ophthalmic products.

Product Listing:
Auto-Ref/Keratometer, Digital Refractor, Auto-Non-Contact Tono/Pachymeter, Slit Lamp, Chart Projector, Digital Chart and OCT

Ophthalmic Devices : Ref/Keratometer, Digital Refractor, Slit Lamp and OCT

Visit Booth: P2112


Website address:

Company contacts:

I-MED Pharma Inc. – a leader in ophthalmic eye care with over 25 years of experience, committed to perfecting vision. We offer a wide range of innovative, safe and effective eye care products for managing your eye care treatments.
Try our unique viscoadaptive preservative-free lubricants: i-drop® PUR and i-drop® Pur GEL, as well as line of ocular hygiene products; our I-lid 'n lash® wipes and pump.
Come discover our tear osmolarity device i-Pen® a qualitative diagnostic tool and the SM Tube a quantitative tool providing results in 5 seconds! Drop by for more information and free samples.

No product(s)/service information available

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i-Medical Ophthalmic International Heidelberg GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Icare Finland Oy

Website address:

Company contacts:

Icare Finland is the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry. The advanced Icare® product line offers reliable, high precision, reproducible accuracy in measuring intraocular pressure in any circumstances.

Rebound tonometers

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ifa systems AG

Website address:

Company contacts: Robin Booth

The ifa group of companies is the leading health IT provider in ophthalmology offering a large range of solutions including electronic medical record (EMR) systems with interfaces to +480 devices, telemedicine applications and electronic data capture (EDC) systems for e.g. clinical trials.

Electronical Medical Record (EMR), ecPACS, Picture Archive System

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Inami & Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: INAMI & CO., LTD.

Shigehiro Kuroki, Int'l Business Dept.
Tel: 81-3-3814-5916

INAMI & CO., LTD. : INAMI was established in 1924. For over 90 years we manufacture and sell ophthalmic equipment as Slit Lamp Microscope, Operation Microscope, Sliding table, Universal Frame and unique Surgical Instruments.

Diagnostic Equipment and Surgical Instruments

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Indo Webal

Website address:

Company contacts: Indo Webal Surgical Pvt. Ltd.
email -
website -
phone - +91 9163132112
Contact person - Saptarshee Mandal ( Marketing Head )

Indo Webal Surgical Pvt. Ltd.

- Products
speculum, forceps, scissors, needle holder, markers, eye drapes, eye shield, S.I.C.S. Knives and Intraocular lenses.

Sister concern -

Sap & Pap

Intraocular lenses


Ophthalmic instruments, S.I.C.S Knives, eye drapes, intraocular lenses.

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International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)

Website address:

Company contacts: 711 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 445
San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
Tel: +1 415 521 1651

The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) works with ophthalmologic societies and others to enhance ophthalmic education and improve access to the highest quality eye care in order to preserve and restore vision for the people of the world. Visit to learn more about our Exams, Education, Fellowships, Foundation, and the World Ophthalmic Congress (WOC). WOC2018 will be held June 16-19, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain with 15,000 participants from 130 countries expected.

Education, Services

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International Society of Refractive Surgery

Website address:

Company contacts: 655 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
Phone: 415-561-8500
Fax: 415-561-8575

The International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS), a partner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is the leading worldwide organization dedicated to refractive, cornea, cataract and lens-based education and solutions. Members from more than 80 countries are connected to each other through meetings, clinical publications and online educational tools.

• Education/Training
• Non-Profit Organization
• Publications

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iolAMD Ltd

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Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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IOPtima Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: IOPtima Ltd.
Kiryat Atidim, Building 3
6158101 Tel Aviv


IOPtiMate™ - a new CLASS™ of Glaucoma Surgery. IOPtima Ltd. brings a new innovation to Glaucoma surgery - CLASS™ - A novel, minimally invasive, laser assisted surgical solution for long term treatment of Glaucoma. CLASS (CO2 Laser Assisted Sclerectomy Surgery) with the use of the IOPtiMate™ system transforms complex, invasive and highly risky glaucoma surgery into an elegant and precise procedure, demonstrating superior efficacy (as good as Trabeculectomy), safety and ease of use.

LIPITEAR™ - Microemulsion for ophthalmic use after ocular surgery, traumatic and spontaneous corneal erosions and dry eye syndrome.

Medical device: glaucoma laser filtration surgery (IOPtiMate™); phospholipid microemulsion (LIPITEAR™)

Visit Booth: P2113


Website address:

Company contacts: IRIDEX
1212 Terra Bella Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043

Sales Contacts:
Franz Weingartner
Bassem Bou Habib

IRIDEX is a worldwide provider of laser-based medical systems, delivery devices, and consumable instrumentation for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases. Our products are sold in the United States through a direct sales force and internationally through a combination of a direct sales force and a network of 70 independent distributors into over 100 countries. For more information, visit


Laser-based medical systems for glaucoma and retinal diseases

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Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. N. K Jain (CEO)
22/4, H.I.A, JODHPUR – 342 003 (INDIA)
E-mail :

We are an ISO:9001-2008 Certified company having CE Certification on our products and are engaged in the manufacturing of Ophthalmic Cannulae & Instruments (S.S & Titanium), Blades etc. Our products range includes:

 Reusable & Single use Cannulae
 Hand crafted/precisely made Surgical Instruments both in SS & Titanium
 Single use / Safety Knives
 Vitreoretinal Instruments
 Marker for TORIC, A.K, R.K
 DSEK & DALK Instruments
 Sterilization Trays S.S & Polycarbonate
 Artificial Eyes, Spherical Implants & Conformer

22/4, H.I.A, JODHPUR – 342 003 (INDIA)
E-mail :


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iSTAR Medical sa

Website address:

Company contacts: Avenue Sabin, 6
1300 Wavre
Tel: +32 10 771 654

Company information not available

Glaucoma implants

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iVis Technologies

Website address:

Company contacts: iVis Technologies S.r.l.
Via Luigi Corsi, 50
74121 - Taranto
VAT. 02427750738
E-mail address:
Telephone: 00390997791680
Fax: 00390997797270

Company information not available

Custom Corneal Surgery

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Jamjoom pharma

Website address:

Company contacts:


Artificial tears, Anti-Glaucoma, Anti-infectives, Combinations, Steroids

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John Weiss & Son Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: John Weiss & Son Ltd
23 Shenley Pavilions
Chalkdell Drive
Shenley Wood
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1908 340000
Fax: +44 (0)1908 340014

John Weiss and Son Ltd has been manufacturing hand crafted surgical instruments of the highest quality for over 225 years. Our highly skilled, expert instrument makers produce an extensive range in both stainless steel and titanium covering all ophthalmic sub specialties: from cornea to retina and cataract to oculoplastics.

To see our latest developments including the Advanced IOL Loading Forceps and the ‘Small Pupil' Chopper, plus an outstanding collection of capsulorhexis forceps to accommodate all incision sizes including sub 1mm., please visit the John Weiss exhibit located on the Haag Streit booth no. 2108.

No product(s)/service information available

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Johnson & Johnson Vision

Website address:

Company contacts: Johnson & Johnson Vision

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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JP Medical Publishers

Website address:

Company contacts: JP Medical Publishers
83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW, UK
Tel: 0044 (0)20 3170 8911

JP Medical publishes into the undergraduate, postgraduate and specialist markets. As the UK-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, South Asia's largest and fastest growing medical publisher, JP Medical distributes books, journals and online services in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, and also publishes new titles from authors in these regions.

Book Publishing

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Kai Europe GmbH Single-use Microsurgery knives

Website address:

Company contacts: Kai Europe GmbH based in Germany is a company subsidiary of Kai Industries Co., Ltd. in Japan, who is specialized in manufacturing wide range of products with cutting edge including medical instruments. One product group of Kai medical instruments are sterile, single-use Microsurgery knives for Ophthalmology. Kai Microsurgery knives are manufactured from state-of-the-art technologies and know-how based on blade production technologies for over 100 years.

The product range of Kai Microsurgery knives includes:
- Stab knives
- Crescent knives
- Paracentesis knives
- MVR knives
- Slit knives
- Clear Corneal knives
- Trapezoid knives
- Safety knives
and others.

Kai Europe GmbH based in Germany is a company subsidiary of Kai Industries Co., Ltd. in Japan, who is specialized in manufacturing wide range of products with cutting edge including medical instruments. One product group of Kai medical instruments are sterile, single-use Microsurgery knives for Ophthalmology. Kai Microsurgery knives are manufactured from state-of-the-art technologies and know-how based on blade production technologies for over 100 years.

Ophthalmic Microsurgery knives

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Website address:

Company contacts: Email:,
Tel: +86 516 87732932

KAIXIN Ultrasound is one of leading ultrasound manufacturers in China for 20 years, with a professional & reliable team for R&D dept, product dept, quality control dept, sales and service dept. KAIXIN produce professional ophthalmic ultrasound, include Biometer, Pachymeter, Ophthalmic A/B scan, Ophthalmic B scan, with a large cooperation with Chinese ophthalmic university and get lots of hospitals&clinics' test from all global's and Chinese dealers and ophthalmologists.

All productions from KAIXIN Ultrasound have got CE0123 certificate.

KAIXIN offer professional ultrasound system for ophthalmic clinic!

All productions from KAIXIN Ultrasound have got CE0123 certificate.

KAIXIN offer professional ultrasound system for ophthalmic clinic!

Ultrasound, Pachymeter, Biometer, A scan, B scan

Visit Booth: P296

Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. KG

Website address:

Company contacts: Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. KG
Schulstrasse 57 3
35614 Asslar, Germany

Fon +49 6441 807040
Fax +49 6441 85985

Founded in 1946, and headquartered in Asslar near Wetzlar, Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in the development and manufacture of modern surgical and diagnostic microscopes. The high-end microscopes are used all over the world in ENT, ophthalmology, microsurgery, endodontics and gynecology.

ENT, Ophthalmology, Microsurgery, Endodontics and Gynecology

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Katalyst Surgical™, LLC

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Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Company contacts:

LaserSoft requires no gas and represents the finest refractive laser scalpel on the market. By combining 210 nm wavelength (passes through water and BSS), 0.2 mm spot size, very high repetition rate up to 4 kHz and very fast video eye tracker, allows complex ablation profiles correcting the finest irregularities of the cornea. LaserSoft Software includes: Aspherical and Q-value adjusted treatments, Topo and Wavefront guided ablations and Presbyopia. Low operating and service costs - Upgrade to LaserSoft Dual (UV Ablation + Femtosecond Laser in one system)

Lasers for Refractive and Cataract Surgery

Visit Booth: P256


Website address:

Company contacts:

Katena welcomes you to 2017 ESCES and invites you to visit us in booth P256. Featured products include surgical instruments for current and emerging ophthalmic techniques and procedures, amniotic membrane for in-office and surgical procedures, Tutoplast® patch allografts and EagleVision products including punctal plugs.

No product(s)/service information available

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Keeler Limited

Website address:

Company contacts: David Carroll

Keeler are celebrating our 100th anniversary and are inviting you to view our latest range of products at ESCRS 2017 (Stand P224) including the Accutome range of ultrasound instruments.
Keeler design and manufacture beautifully crafted Ophthalmic products for global distribution. These include Slit-Lamps, Ophthalmoscopes, Applanation and NCT Tonometers, Surgical Cryo and Loupes.
We at Keeler are proud to announce our new partnership with AOS who have designed a new analysis tool for slit-lamp images. Unique software that gives clinicians an important tool in assessing ocular surface conditions whilst providing patient education that them to take ownership of their condition.

Handhelds, Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Slit Lamps, Cryo, Tonometers, Ultrasound and Loupes

Visit Booth: P1135

KHRuiMing S&T Co.,Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: JiFang, Jiang

digital slit lamp, fundus camera, projection perimeter, common slit lamp, ab scan

slit lamp, fundus camera

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Website address:

Company contacts: KITE HELLAS LTD: , , 0030 2102014306

Company information not available


Visit Booth: P1121

Konan Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: Konan Medical
+1 949 521 7730

Konan's innovative diagnostic technologies help ophthalmic professionals discover important signs that are routinely missed with conventional methods.

Konan technologies include; Specular Microscopy, Visual Electrophysiology (icVEP™, VEP and pERG), Computer Assisted Color Vision Assessment, Pupillography and Ocular Motor Function Assessment.

See what you've been missing™

Diagnostic Instruments, Specular Microscopes, Visual Electrophysiology, Color Vision Diagnostics, Pupillographer

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Website address:

Company contacts:

KoryoEyetech's R&D group developed eyeLIKe involving RGP, Toric, Soft Color lens with the advanced technology for the 30-year-old. Global demands for eyeLIKe started from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Our improved technology advanced the quality of the material, and its creative design is an ideal for human being's eye structure, which makes eyes comfortable, eyeLIKe's manufacturing system customized lens to suit for an individual' tastes or needs.
1. eyelike Pinhole Presbyopia
2. eyelike IRIS
3. eyelike CallaMatch I
4. eyelike Lid Cleaner

No product(s)/service information available

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Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH,Bendemannstr. 9,40210 Düsseldorf,Germany,, Tel:0049 211 54218400

Kowa is one of the largest privately owned companies in Japan, with more than 6400 employees worldwide. They were first established in 1894 and have over 50 years' experience in ophtalmic diagnostics. Since the launch of its first retinal camera in 1962, Kowa has gained worldwide recognition for its expertise in the development of high quality, innovative retinal cameras and laser flare meters which are unique tools to measure intraocular inflammation. Kowa's product choice on high quality diagnostic equipment is consisting of portable slitlamp, applanation tonometer, NCT, dry-eye monitor, auto perimeter and ultra-high resolution OCT.

Diagnostic products with new ultra-high resolution OCT

Visit Booth: P200

Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co. Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co. Ltd. - German branch
Duisburger Landstraße 37
40489 Düsseldorf
Phone: 0049 211 17607080

In 1947, the privately-held multinational company Kowa Company, Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan, established its pharmaceutical division in order to research, develop, manufacture and market over-the-counter drugs, healthcare products, prescription medicines and medical devices. Over 70 years' experience in ophthalmic diagnostics and one of the leading suppliers of ophthalmic diagnostic systems in the world. Designed and engineered to provide easy to use solutions for healthcare professionals, so that they can continue to offer the very best in patient care - a leader in the Japanese IOL market. Setting clinical standards for a wide range of ophthalmic conditions.

Preloaded hydrophobic aspheric intraocularlens (IOL)

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Lacrivera, a division of Stephens Instruments, is proud to introduce the NEW VeraPlug FlexFit™ Punctal Occluder for the treatment of dry eye. The VeraPlug FlexFit is designed with a hollow nose which allows for easier insertion, simple sizing and excellent retention. Available in x-small, small, medium, large sizes, the VeraPlug FlexFit is offered in both Sterile Preloaded and Non-Sterile Bulk packagings. Other product offerings include the VeraPlug™ Punctal Occluder, VeraC7 Collagen, Vera90 Extended Wear Plugs, diagnostic tests and additional products that help to treat dry eye patients. Visit for additional information.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: Laurent Malfaire
+32 67 79 40 80

High-resolution power mapper & wavefront analyser for refractive IOL :
- The NIMO TR0815 : The world famous NIMO technology capable of measuring any type of refractive IOL with an unbeatable repeatability and reproducibility.

- The NIMO MATRIX : A brand new ALL IN ONE motorized instrument capable of measuring up to 121 IOL in a single click.

Real-time high-quality measurements of the MTF & optical power : The PMTF instrument for refractive & diffractive IOL.

Quality control instruments ; Metrology instruments

Visit Booth: P249


Website address:

Company contacts: Benoît DERFLINGER
International Sales Manager
Ph: +33 237 333933

LCA PHARMACEUTICAL develops and manufactures high quality medical devices in ophthalmology:
- ISTACRYL HD IOLs for microincision
- IXIUM viscoelastic devices: full range with HPMC, sodium hyaluronate and also a combination of sodium hyaluronate and chontdroitin sulfate
- RHEXIS sterile single use instrumentation (cannulas, needles, eye sponges, ...)
- HYALINE preservative free eye drops with sodium hyaluronate indicated for dry eyes
- PHYLARM for irrigation and red eyes.
Please visit our booth P249 for full information.


Visit Booth: P1120

Leica Microsystems

Website address:

Company contacts: Leica Microsistemas Lda.
Avenida do Forte nº 3 · Edifício Suécia III · Rés-do-chao Dtº
2790-073 Carnaxide (Portugal)
Tel. +351 21 388 9112
Fax: +351 21 385 4668

Company information not available

Surgical microscopes, OCT, 3D imaging

Visit Booth: P291


Website address:

Company contacts: Company Website:
Lenstec Inc - Florida / Tel:+1 727-571-2272
Lenstec UK - United Kingdom / Tel:+441924 382678

Lenstec;a FDA approved Company has a solid reputation for the manufacture and supply of intraocular lenses, developing and delivering innovation and quality worldwide.
New products for 2017 include the SOFTECHDM; micro-incision IOL, SOFTECHP; Hydrophobic IOL, SOFTEC3; 3 piece bi-aspheric IOL and the NEW SOFTECHDPLI Preloaded IOL System.
These compliment the established product-portfolio including TetraflexHD™;accommodation IOL, premium pcIOLS's SOFTECHD,SOFTECHDY™,SOFTECHDO™ models.
The SoftecHD range and refractive lenses benefit from quarter-dioptre increments, combined with a superior manufacturing process resulting in tighter lens-power tolerances and improved lens-power accuracy, greatly reducing the permitted deviation allowed by ISO, between lens-power accuracy compared to the displayed labelling.

Intraocular Lenses

Visit Booth: P247


Website address:

Company contacts: DR.VIKRANT BHALE
+91 8007266554



Visit Booth: P289


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: Moshe Barel
Ophthalmology Business Director, EMEA
Office: +972-4-959-9099
Fax: +972-4-959-9199

Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency.

For 50 years, Lumenis' groundbreaking products have redefined medical treatment and have set numerous technological and clinical gold standards. Our drive for innovation stems from an uncompromising commitment to improving the health and well-being of our patients.

Throughout the world, we bring Energy to Healthcare

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

The LUNEAU TECHNOLOGY GROUP, a worldwide leader in optical instrumentation, introduces the latest advanced technology with his brand VISIONIX for eye care professionals to measure and diagnose visual defects and eye diseases.
VISIONIX is the pioneer for Wave Front technology used today in optical instrumentation.
One-touch wonder 90-sec anterior segment analysis VX130, Auto-refraction system EYE REFRACT, Full-auto lens analyser, lensmeter VX40 etc...

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1148

M&S Technologies, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Joseph Marino 1-847-763-0500

M&S Technologies, Inc. sets the standard in vision testing software solutions. For over 25 years, our visual acuity systems have brought accuracy and ease-of-use to the industry and are used in over 27,000 exam rooms. The M&S Clinical Trial Suite (CTS), consists of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity tests that easily and accurately steps the user through the eye charts. CTS directly responds to user input and can be customized for individual trial needs. The CTS protocols adhere strictly to ANSI and ISO standards, are peer-reviewed and published by prominent industry professionals and have obtained the CE Certificate of Conformity.

General Computer Software/Systems, Services Diagnostic Aids, Clinical Trial Suite

Visit Booth: P1173

Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd
A-260 Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1
New Delhi -110020
Ph: +911142701030, +911142701031

Diagnostic Lenses, Aspheric Lenses, YAG Laser Lenses, Disposable Trephines, Suction Trephines, Punch, Teflon Blocks, Fluorescein Strips, Schirmer Strips, Silicon Bands, Intraocular magnet, Irrigating Vitrectomy Lenses, Silicon Tip Cannula, Backflush handles, Infusion Cannula, Temporary Keratoprosthesis, Iris Hooks, Capsule Hooks, Tension RIngs, Tension Ring Injector, Phaco Blades, Safety Knives, Lens Glide, A.C Maintainer, Eye Shield, PVA Sponge Spears, Cellulose Sponge Spears, Lacrimal Intubation Sets, Phaco Practice Eye, Laser Practice Eye, Eyeball stand, Model eye for indirect ophthalmoscopy & retinoscopy, CAM vision Stimilator, Simcoe Cannula, Bimanual I/A handpiece, Cystotomes, Anesthesia Cannula, Air Injection Cannula

Disposable Keratoplasty, Retina, Cataract Devices, Ophthalmic Strips, Teaching Devices

Visit Booth: P147


Website address:

Company contacts:

MANI Ophthalmic Knife
MANI Ophthalmic Suture
MANI Trocar Kit] new[MANI, INC., located in Japan, has been contributing to the world-wide medical field for 61 years with our company policy "The best quality in the world, to the world". As ophthalmic products, we are proud of introducing high-quality single-use Ophthalmic Knives, Sutures and Trocar Kits. The special feature of them is "The ultimate in sharpness" which helps smooth & less-stress incision.  In this exhibition, you can see not only our new knife: Short-Head knife and Marking knife but also new Trocar Kit which contributes to the simple surgical technique with the closure valve.

Disposable product (Ophthalmic Knife, Suture and Trocar Kit)

Visit Booth: P2102A

Mastel Precision Surgical Instruments, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Mastel Precision, located in Rapid City, SD, has been involved exclusively in the design and
production of ophthalmic surgical instrumentation since 1981. Mastel Precision strives to
provide fine metalworking and specializes in ultra-thin, reduced-angle cutting edges. Precise
instrument finishing results in less invasive incisions, thereby improving safety and efficiency
for the surgeon. Mastel Precision is one of the few domestic companies that designs and
develops diamond scalpels for ophthalmic surgical applications today.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1117

MD Tech S.r.l.

Website address:

Company contacts:

md tech was founded in 2010 to be close the surgeon. We have the best raw material in the world for manufacturing the better intraocuar lenses for the patient and the better handling and performance for the surgeon. The portfolio now is complete with hydrophilic and hydrophobic prelaoded and non prelaoded and also premium lenses: toric and multifocal

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth:

MDS Medical Technologies SL

Website address:

Company contacts: MDS Medical Technologies SL
Dalmases 42
08017 Barcelona

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1152B

MDS Medical Technologies SL

Website address:

Company contacts: MDS Medical Technologies SL
Dalmases 42
08017 Barcelona

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P290

MDT Poland

Website address:

Company contacts: MDT Sp.z o.o.
ul.Skosna 12A, 30-383 Krakow, Poland
tel. 0048126553065
tel. 0048122966568
fax 0048122520526

Surgical tables, operator's chairs, refraction units and stands, electric tables, patient and doctor stools, strabismus diagnostic and therapeutic devices, trial lens sets, trial frames, chin-rest papers, BioGlo fluorescein strips, Schirmer Tests, Eye-lid warming masks, Goniovisc gels,

Ophthalmic equipment, Ophthalmic accessories, Ophthalmic diagnostic aids

Visit Booth: P299


Website address:

Company contacts: Meccanottica Mazza S.r.l. / Italy
Mrs. Simona Magro /
tel. +39 0362 902185

Meccanottica Mazza is a leading italian company manufacturer of examination furniture. The producs range includes Refraction Units for 2, 3, 4 and 5 instruments, Ophthalmic chairs, doctors stools, electric elevation tables, desk and chest of drawers. The quality of the products, their reliability and design are features that distinguish us worldwide. The Meccanottica Mazza service also includes FREE room layout. Please visit us at Booth P299 or visit our web page

Examination Units and Chairs, instruments tables, desk/chest of drawers

Visit Booth: P2114


Website address:

Company contacts: Ryan Janke

MED-LOGICS will exhibit the CataPulse Lens Removal System, ML7 Microkeratome, Calibrated LASIK Blades, ML7 DSAEK System, Nitro DSAEK System, Other DSAEK System Components and PVA Eye Spears. The CataPulse is a Phaco Free cataract removal device based on a patented high frequency pulsed vacuum design that utilizes 1.4mm bimanual incisions. The ML7 is software controlled to provide a reliable Planar LASIK flap. The MED-LOGICS DSAEK Systems have a patented pressure control to the AAC and other design advancements.

LASIK, Microkeratome, LASIK Blades, Cataract, DSAEK, PVA Eye Spears

Visit Booth: P292

MEDA Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Contact Name: Li Han
Contact Email:
Mobile: +86-18222082786

MEDA is a leading ophthalmic ultrasonic device manufacturer in China with dedication to bringing innovative ophthalmic solutions to the world. With its top priority of being "Professional, Accurate and High-Quality", MEDA is committed to further enhancing its presence both in China and around the world. Learn more, please visit us on:

Ultrasonic Ophthalmic Products; Surgical Instrument.

Visit Booth: P1136


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1116

Medicel AG

Website address:

Company contacts: / Ph +41 (0)71 727 10 50 / Fax +41 (0)71 727 10 55

Company Listing 2017

What is new? Visit our booth P1116 to see our brand new injection system, the one-handed screw model ERGOJECT! Furthermore, we have our complete range of injectors available on display.

Additionally, we will also exhibit phaco accessories, trocar systems and our new line of I/A systems! We will be delighted to present you these instruments first-hand.

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon.

Your Medicel Team

Product / Service Category

Cataract, microsurcial instruments, single-use, lens inserters, I/A instruments, phaco accessories

Cataract, microsurcial instruments, single-use, lens inserters, I/A instruments, phaco accessories

Visit Booth: P188


Website address:

Company contacts: MEDICEM International CR,s.r.o.
Vinohradska 1151/230, 100 00 Prague 10
Czech Republick

MEDICEM is an integrated group of biomedical companies focusing on research, development and the commercialization of medical devices. One of the products represents the WIOL-CF - offers cataract patients with an EDOF IOL option based on full-size, non-diffractive bioanalogic optics that shows consistent long-term performance at varying light conditions.

IOL, EDOF,Presbyopia IOL, Refraction IOL,Cataract, Bioanalogic, Polyfocal, Diabetic IOL,

Visit Booth: P211


Website address:

Company contacts: Medicontur International SA

18 Chemin-des-Aulx
1228 Plan-les-Ouates


MEDICONTUR offers a full range of PRELOADED Aspheric Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic, as well as Premium Toric, Multifocal, Multifocal Toric IOL's. Medicontur is also presenting a unique solution for AMD: the SML and a new OVD range.
Major product launches include a new multifocal IOL as well as a hydrophobic preloaded toric IOL.

Premium/Standard/Preloaded/Non-Preloaded Cataract IOLs, AMD IOLs, OVD, CTR, Online Calculators

Visit Booth: P1134

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. - MiiS

Website address:

Company contacts: Stefan Cheng
TEL: +886-3-579-8860

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. (MiiS) utilizes a profound optical mechanical and electrical technology foundation, combined with optical, institutional,electronic and software integrated system development, and the integration of academic research and medical clinical results, to provide medical digital imaging solutions.

MiiS's own brand "Horus scope" is being marketed to the global market. Hand-held Eye care total solution with high imaging quality and competitive price fulfill the growing marketing need. From eye-fundus camera, slit-lamp to tenonometer, Horus scope provide comprehensive eye care solution for widely application.

Hand-held digital fundus camera, anterior lens, tonometer.

Visit Booth: P239


Website address:

Company contacts: Kruciu g. 9, Kruciu k., Mazeikiu r.
Lithuania, LT-89327
+370 699 58589

MEDINSTRUS UAB - Manufacturing company of professional medical equipment, since 2001. Our main activity - ophthalmic equipment and furniture manufacture, installation and maintennce.

Refraction units, Electrical tables, Optical shop and hospital furniture.

Visit Booth: P2101


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P242


Website address:

Company contacts: Dr. Eric Odenheimer, CEO

MERIDIAN, established in 1937, develops and produces high end ophthalmic lasers. The first ophthalmic Nd:YAG laser was developed in 1982. Swiss engineering for highest quality, design and usability.
Main products: MICRORUPTOR 6: Nd:YAG laser, easy to operate and prepared for combination with any photocoagulator making it a perfect treatment system
MERILAS 532α: Green laser photocoagulator,Slit Lamp Adapters and Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

New highlights: MICRORUPTOR 6 advanced: New Nd:YAG + SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) combination with unparalleled Haag-Streit optics.
MERILAS 532/577 shortpulse: Beside CW mode these new lasers are using very short pulses for tissue-sparing photocoagulation and unprecedented gentle treatment.

Photocoagulator Laser Shortpulse YAG Microruptor 6 Merilas Multispot Endoscopic

Visit Booth: P1123


Website address:

Company contacts: Metrovision
4 rue des Platanes
59840 Perenchies
+33 3 20 17 19 50

-MonCvONE®: visual field perimeter (includes standard automated perimetry, Goldmann perimetry, attraction perimetry, , true binocular tests , diplopia test)
-MonCvONE-CT®: Advanced perimeter for clinical trials (includes dark adapted chromatic perimetry, adaptometry, pupillometry..)
-MonCv3®: Central visual field perimeter
-MonCv3-CT®: Multifunction perimeter for clinical trials (includes contrast sensitivity, glare test, scotopic and photopic pupillometry)
-MonPackONE®, MonColor®, MonBaby®: Standard vision electrophysiology (includes flash, pattern and multifocal ERG, VEP and EOG with ISCEV standard)
-MonPackONE-CT®: Eye movement tests based on video-oculography
-Forus Health 3nethra NEO®: Retina imaging for RP screening
-SRD Salzburg Reading Desk ®: Reading test

Electrophysiology Perimetry Visual-field-analysers Video-Oculography Imaging Reading-test Pupillometry Dark-adaptometry Contrast-sensitivity Glare-test

Visit Booth: P297


Website address:

Company contacts: Thomas Meyer (

Meyco is the leading diamond knife manufacturer.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2102A

Micro Medical Devices, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) is a leading innovator in the delivery of handheld, battery-operated medical devices to the healthcare and related industries. Our current products include ultrasonic immersion-capable A-Scan biometers, surgical and non-surgical pachymeters, B-Scans and A-Scan & pachymeter combination devices. These devices deliver a new level of accuracy and functionality that has amazed our customers. With the introduction of the EZ tip immersion soft shell, MMD has significantly advanced the field of ultrasound immersion biometry (A-Scan biometry) by making it possible to perform measurements much faster and simpler than ever before.

A-Scan, B-Scans, Pachymeters, Diagnostic Equipment, Keratometers, Handheld Instruments

Visit Booth: P1163

Microspecialties, LLC

Website address:

Company contacts: John W. Esposito
Director, Sales and Marketing

Microspecialties LLC manufactures high quality microkeratome blades & tubing. Pro-Paks specializes in customized surgical packs, IVT trays, Post-op kits, PVA products, Knives, cannulas, drapes and disposable instruments.

Microkeratome blades, Pro-Paks surgical kits, Ophthalmic instruments

Visit Booth: P250

MicroSurgical Technology (MST)

Website address:

Company contacts: 8415 154th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

MST Manufactures and provides innovative products for anterior segment surgery, including the following popular products: Allegro Single Use Silicone I/A, High quality single use Packer/Chang IOL cutters and 25g Ahmed Micro-Graspers, Dewey Radius Phaco Tips, Seibel Capsulorhexis Forceps, Malyugin Ring® 2.0, MST Iris Hooks, MST Capsule Retractors.

Pupil Expansion, Micro-Instrumentation, Irrigation/Aspiration, Phaco Tips, Capsular Support

Visit Booth: P1143

Microtrack Surgicals

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr Punit Ahir

Manufacturer of ,
Ophthalmic MicroSurgical Knives
Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments
Plastic Sterilization Trays

ISO 13485 certified company. products are CE certified.

Ophthalmic Blades, Ophthalmic Instruments, Plastic Sterilization Trays

Visit Booth: P298

MID Labs, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Website address:
Company contacts: Kai Chen

MID Labs, Inc. continually strives to provide quality and innovative ophthalmic products that benefit the patient. We are a medical device manufacturer of Vitreous Cutters, Cannula Insertion Systems, Laser Probes and Fiber Optic Endoilluminators.

Vitreous Cutters, Cannula Insertion System, Laser Probes, Fiber Optic Endoilluminator

Visit Booth: P185

Millennium Biomedical Inc. (MBI)

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1103

Miray Medikal

Website address:

Company contacts: Website:
Tel: +90 (224) 441 33 34
Fax: +90 (224) 443 70 06

Sodium Hyaluronate Solutions:
- CrownVisc® (1.0%, 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 3.0%)
- NeoCrown® 1.4%
- MegaCrown® 1.8%
- OculoCrown® 2.0%

HPMC Solutions:
- CrownGel®

Trypan Blue Solutions:
- Ocublu-Try® Trypan Blue

Balanced Salt Solutions:
- Ocusalt® Balanced Salt Solution

Silicone oils and accessories:
- Ocusil® Silicone oil
- Ocusil® Viscous Fluid Injection Kits
- Ocusil® Viscous Fluid Extraction Kits

Perfluorodecaline (PFC):
- Ocudeka® Decaline

Brillant Blue Solutions:
- Ocublu® ILM Blue
- Ocublu® ILM/ ERM Blue

Liquid Ophthalmic Devices for Cataract and Vitreoretina Surgeries

Visit Booth: P229


Website address:

Company contacts:

Optical Coherence Tomography(Mocean 3000 Plus)
Surgical microscope(OPM 500)
Handheld Auto Refractometer(easyRef)
Manual Refractometer(MRT-180)

Ophthalmic diagnostic device

Visit Booth: P266


Website address:

Company contacts: MORCHER GmbH
Kapuzinerweg 12
70374 Stuttgart

Phone +49 (0) 711 / 953 20 - 0

Capsular Tension Rings, Preloaded Capsular Tension Rings, CTR, Eyejet, Cionni Rings For Scleral Fixation, Capsular Segments For Scleral Fixation, Ahmed Segment, Henderson Ring, Capsular Edge Rings, Hydrophobic IOLs, Hydrophilic IOLs, Preloaded IOLs, Bag-In-The-Lens, PMMA IOLs, IOLs For Scleral Fixation, Microphthalmus IOLs, Myopia IOLs, Anterior Chamber IOLs, Phakic IOLs, FEMTO-IOLs, Aniridia Rings, Partial Aniridia Rings, Aniridia Implants, Artificial Iris, Partial Aniridia Implants, Sulcus Ring, Intraocular Pinhole Implant, XtraFocus, Diplopia Implants, Pupil Dilator, Pupil Expander, Pupil Extractor, Caliper Rings, Bean Rings

Capsular Rings, Intraocular Lenses, Aniridia Implants, Special Implants

Visit Booth: P220


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

Ophthalmic instruments

Visit Booth: P2115

Movu Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts:

ARGOS Optical Biometer

Cataract, Optical Biometer, OCT , Medical Device

Visit Booth: P128

Mynosys Cellular Devices Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Taoufiq Jellal
VP EURMEA Sales & Marketing

Mynosys developed Zepto an innovative disposable device for cataract surgery with precision-pulse technology allowing accurate,reproducible,safe and affordable capsolotomy. Zepto is FDA cleared and CE Mark approved.

Cataract, Capsolotomy

Visit Booth: P1133

Natus Newborn Care

Website address:

Company contacts:

Natus Newborn Care products address the critical areas of assessment and treatment of newborns, and are designed for use by clinicians as they provide care in the critical minutes & hours after delivery and prior to discharge from the hospital. By allowing for early detection and treatment, we believe our products can improve clinical outcomes, help reduce costs, and minimize the duration of treatment, unnecessary retesting, or hospital readmission. The Natus Newborn Care product portfolio is offering a wide range of devices dedicated to Hearing Screening, Thermoregulation, Newborn Brain Injury and Jaundice Management just to name the major applications.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P201


Website address:

Company contacts: Shigeki Hayakawa, Overseas Sales Division
Tel: 81-3-3237-0552
Fax: 81-3-3237-0554

The company originally started as ophthalmic equipment manufacturer in 1948 and was established as NEITZ Instruments in 1965. Our Surgical Loupe / Illuminator are also regarded with admiration in many decades for its high quality and unique feature.

R&D, Design, Manufacturing, Sales, and Export / Import of
- Ophthalmic Devices
- Surgical Loupes
- Contact Gauge
- Low Vision Aids

Visit Booth: P152

Network Medical Products

Website address:

Company contacts:
+44 (0) 1765 609555

Network Medical has over 20 years' experience as a fully integrated, designer and manufacturer of quality ophthalmic products.

Our CORONET™ range include: Recipient Trephines, Donor Punches, Artificial Anterior Chamber, Orbital Implants, EndoGlide™ Ultrathin , DCR Bodkins and Lachrymal Intubation.

CORONET™ Trephines utilise Cathedral Blade Technology, creating an ultra-thin and sharp blade, to minimise undercut and tissue distortion. With the innovative CORONET™ Clear-Vue™. Recipient Trephine using a unique silicon skirt to ensure vacuum formation.

The EndoGlide™ Ultrathin DSAEK delivery system has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce endothelial cell loss.

Our range also includes LASIK Blades and EYETEC™ PVA/Cellulose sponge products.

Surgical instruments for Cornea Graft surgery, PVA/Cellulose sponge products.

Visit Booth: P104

Network technology development ltd

Website address:

Company contacts:
Tel: 0085262256941
Fax: 0085235654108

All sorts of cataract surgery, 2.2mm 1.8mm small incision cataract surgery, dalk, dsaek surgery instruments, lasek surgery instruments, Glaucoma surgery instruments, Vitroretinal instruments etc.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P226

New Vision Meditec Co Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: New Vision Meditec Co., Ltd.
Add: B422 Gopha Mansion, 328 Xinghu Street, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
T: 86-153-7005-3550 T/F: 86-512-6715-7190 I: E:

Operation Microscope, Slit lamp, Handheld Fundus Camera, Ophthalmic A/B Scan, Stand and Chair, Phoropter, Auto refractometer/ Keratometer, Auto Chart Projector, Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, and digital solutions to slit lamp and microscope...

ophthalmic and optometry equipment, and ophthalmic surgical instruments

Visit Booth: P192

New World Medical, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Omar Harouny
+1 909-5594110

New World Medical, Inc. is a high tech medical device company whose goal is to help humanity lead a better life through improved technology and innovation. Presently New World Medical focus is in different areas of Ophthalmology.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P2103

Next Sight

Website address:

Company contacts: website:
phone: +39.049.769933

Nexy is a retinal camera that provides high quality color images of the fundus, It is automatic and equipped with a telemedicine infrastructure. It has been designed for an easy management of the screening process.

diagnostic imaging, retinal camera, telemedicine

Visit Booth: P131


Website address:

Company contacts: Website address:

Company contacts: NIDEK CO., LTD.
Address: 34-14 Maehama, Hiroishi-cho, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0038 Japan

NIDEK provides a wide range of equipment for refraction, diagnosis, and treatment of vision disorders.
At ESCRS, NIDEK is pleased to introduce our new line of innovative products. We cordially invite you to visit our booth at #P131 (Pavilion 1) and try out these unique devices for yourself.

Featured Products:
RS-3000 Advance Optical Coherence Tomography
MP-3 Microperimetry
See for yourself how the precise overlay and registration of OCT and Microperimetry enhance evaluation of retinal structure and function.

Examination, Diagnostic, Surgical System & IOL, Ophthalmic Laser, Refractive Surgery

Visit Booth: P167


Website address:

Company contacts:
+31 10 297 44 44 – Christa de Kort

The NIIOS(Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery) is a worldwide renowned independent organization that furthers innovation in ophthalmic surgery.
NIIOS comprises 4 organizations that complement one another:

Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam develops new preparation techniques and provides international surgeons with high-quality tailor-made tissue for advanced corneal surgery.

Melles Cornea Clinic receives international referrals that require unique treatment by advanced lamellar keratoplasty specialists.

NIIOS Academy trains surgeons/technicians in NIIOS techniques – DMEK and Bowman layer wetlab courses, video streaming DMEK surgery, fellowship programs

NIIOS R&D develops and refines surgical techniques like (Quarter-)DMEK, DSEK, Bowman layer transplantation and products/staining solutions (cornea claw).

DMEK/Bowman layer tissue, wetlab courses, DMEK Live-streaming, happy patients

Visit Booth: P129


Website address:

Company contacts: Nordset GmbH & Co.KG, Zur Burg 4, 27798 Hude, Germany
Fon: +494408807000, Fax: +4944088070010,

Manufacturer of custom-made disposable surgical drapes and packs "made in Germany". Distributor of disposable stainless steel instruments and disposabel knives and BSS.

disposable drapes and packs for eye surgery

Visit Booth: P1162


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P148

OASIS Medical, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: OASIS Medical, Inc.
(909) 305-5400

OASIS Medical offers a broad line of surgical disposals for cataract and refractive procedures, and a complete line of punctal occlusion products for Dry Eye treatment. Products include the Oasis Iris Expander, PREMIER EDGE microsurgical knives, SOFT CELL PVA foam products, SOFT SHIELD collagen corneal shields, VISCO SHIELD viscoelastic and disposable instruments (needles, cannulas, cystotomes). Dry Eye products include FORM FIT Hydrogel plugs, SOFT PLUG Silicone, Collagen and Extended Duration 90-day plugs. And just introduced, the Extended Duration 180, a dissolvable plug lasting up to 6 months.

Cataract, Dry Eye Treatment, Keratoconus, LASIK

Visit Booth: P1132

Ocular Instruments, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: 2255 116th Ave NE
Bellevue WA 98004-3039 USA
Telephone: 425-455-5200
Fax: 425-462-6669

For over 50 years, Ocular Instruments has been designing and producing ophthalmology products for Laser, Surgical and Diagnostic procedures. Stop by our booth and see our latest in ophthalmology products. Featuring, our NEW SecureFlex™ Surgical Gonio, NEW Hill Open Access Surgical Gonio and our revolutionary Max360® Series Rotating Ring Lenses. Also featuring our Mainster, MaxField®, MaxLight® and Landers brand of lenses. For more information on our complete product line visit our booth P1132 or our website

Be sure to ask of our 30 Day No Risk Trial and take a lens home!

Laser, Surgical, Diagnostic

Visit Booth: P127


Website address:

Company contacts:

FEMTIS Laser Lens, LENSAR Laser Systems, LENTIS Intraocular Lenses: LENTIS Comfort (EDOF IOL), LENTIS Mplus Family (multifocal IOLs), LENTIS Tplus (toric IOLs), LENTIS MplusXtoric (multifocal-toric IOLs), LENTIS Max (high-Addition-IOLs)

Oculentis® is one of the few remaining independent IOL manufacturers having their own Research and Development Department and one of the most modern manufacturing plants for intraocular lenses. Berlin (Germany) is the seat of the Executive Board of Oculentis®.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P210

OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH
Münchholzhäuser Straße 29
35582 Wetzlar
Tel: +49 641 20050

Now, measurable biomechanics with the Corvis® ST.
That means: twice as much information for twice as much safety in pre-op screening.
Visit booth P210 to see how the Corvis® ST and the Pentacam® are communicating – for your benefit!
OCULUS also presents the Keratograph 5M Topographer with exciting new features for dry eye screening! You will have the chance to see and test the new Pentacam® AXL, the Pentacam® HR, the perimeters Centerfield®, Easyfield® C, the brand-new Smartfield and more!
Surgeons can give the BIOM® ready a trial. The disposable version of the BIOM® is unique in the market.

Corneal Biomechanics, Tonometry, Tomography, Topography, Scheimpflug Imaging, Perimetry, Trial Frames

Visit Booth: P1106


Website address:

Company contacts: Phone: +1 (800) 233-5469
Address: PO Box 429, Richmond, TX 77406

OCuSOFT®, most recognized for its #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Eyelid Cleansers, is an ophthalmic research, development and supply company with an established reputation for innovation, particularly in the area of Ocular Surface Disease (OSD). Since 1986, OCuSOFT® has served the ophthalmic community with a unique selection of proprietary brands. OCuSOFT® offers a full line of ophthalmic pharmaceutical supplies including, but not limited to: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Punctal Occluders, Eyelid Cleansers, Artificial Tears, Topical Anesthetics, Surgical Supplies, and Contact Lens/Optical Accessories. Visit our booth to learn more. Distributors welcome.

Dry Eye, Pharmaceuticals, Ophthalmic Supplies, Diagnostics

Visit Booth: P238

OD-OS Navilas®

Website address:

Company contacts: OD-OS GmbH
Warthestr. 21
D-14513 Teltow / Berlin
Phone: +49 (3328) 31 282-100
Fax: +49 (3328) 31 282-999

Navilas® 577s
The Navigated Retina Laser

OD-OS is the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated laser photocoagulators for Ophthalmology. OD-OS' compact Navilas® Laser System 577s enables physicians to digitally pre-plan the entire laser therapy on fundus images as well as external diagnostic images and precisely execute this therapy plan under computer guidance. Unlike any other retina laser, Navilas offers focal treatments without a contact lens and infrared illumination for unsurpassed patient comfort. A large field of view and assisted pattern positioning greatly improve speed in panretinal and focal treatments.

Digital, Retinal imaging/photography; Diagnostic, Ophtalmic, Surgical equipment/ instruments

Visit Booth: P1102

ODC Industries

Website address:

Company contacts: ODC Industries
Rue Thomas Edison ZA Bois Vert 56800 Ploërmel – France
Phone: +33 (0)2 97 73 75 00

ODC Industries creates, develops and produces molded medical devices made from innovative raw materials and designs in France. ODC Industries offers full support from idea concept to manufacture, but also support with quality certification. ODC Industries produces a new injector with his ergonomic design, easy to handle with safety zone for non-slip. ODC Industries offers also a new range of coated cartridges from 1.8 to 2.6.

medical devices, delivery system, lab setting, injectors, injection molding, cartridge

Visit Booth: P1102

ODC Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: ODC Medical
68 Ship street, Brighton
East Sussex BN11AE
Phone: +44 (0)798 579 9809

ODC Medical offers a complete turnkey operation for hydrophilic, hydrophobic & market requested lenses design. Development of production machine is one of our supporting activity such as The OPHTAMILL. A high precision milling machine for the IOL industry. Any type of lenses design could be machined with OPHTALMILL. ODC Medical has developed unique non-cryo process which provides a cost effective yield without freezing equipment. This manufacturing methods avoid the problems associated with the cryo method such as shrinkage, low yields and costly investment.

Consulting, IOL design, Milling machine, lab setting

Visit Booth: P263

Oertli Instrumente AG

Website address:

Company contacts: Alexander Haering
Head of Sales International

Mustafa Can
Head of Sales Switzerland

For over 60 years we have been successfully developing, producing and selling surgical equipment for eye surgery that enables doctors and OR personnel to work in a safer, easier and more efficient way. We exclusively focus on operations on cataracts, as well as on the vitreous body, the retina and glaucoma.

Surgical platforms and instruments for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal procedures

Visit Booth: P241

Omni Lens Pvt. Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Omni Lens Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Hemang Patel
5, Samruddhi, Opp. Sakar - III,
Nr. Sattar Taluka Society,
Navarangpura, Ahmedabad, India, Gujarat - 380014
Phone No : +91-79 27544035, +91-9033222344

Omni Lens Pvt. Ltd. manufactures wide range of C.E & I.S.O. certified premium and basic intra-ocular lenses (IOL) along with other supplementary products used at the time of cataract surgery.

Omni's foldable IOL consists of Premium Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic foldable Aspheric, Diffractive Multi-focal and Toric IOL's

Omni® also provides manufacturing technology to turnkey projects.

With strong presence in countries across Europe, South America, The Middle East, North America, South-East Asia and the SAARC Nations, Omni® provides excellent sales & after sales support to customers

IOLs, Viscoelastics, Ophthalmic Solutions and Consumables.

Visit Booth: P136


Website address:

Company contacts:
Mr Tiago Guerreiro
Global Marketing Director
Mobile/WhatsApp +31 6 51 74 87 65
T: +31 (0)50 5251944

Unique inventions and a passion for sight has characterized Ophtec for over 30 years. OPHTEC is the industry's pioneer in cataract and refractive intra ocular lenses (IOLs) and today's market leader in premium IOLs and innovator of trauma implantable devices. OPHTEC has experience in meeting ophthalmologists' needs with unique and high quality products. The OPHTEC brand is established and recognized globally.
For more information please contact or visit the OPHTEC website at

IOLS, CTR, trauma implantable devices, instruments, inserters

Visit Booth: P251

Ophtechnics Unlimited

Website address:

Address: 2209 Phase IV, DLF City, Gurgaon - 122002. INDIA.
Ph. Number: +91 124 4053491
Email ID:

Ophtechnics Unlimited is ISO 13485 certified company with CE Marking for Ophthalmic Solutions (OVDs, Vital Dyes, Silicone Oil), Ophthalmic Strips & Lubricant Tear Drops. We manufacture wide range of Single Use Ophthalmic Devices – Knives, Cannula, Sponges, Surgical Instruments and Custom Packs/Kits.
Ophtechnics is one of the fastest growing Ophthalmic Companies in India, having a strong sales footprint across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Northern Africa & Latin America.
Our products are manufactured in strict compliance to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in our state-of-the-art WHO GMP Compliant production facilities.
We are a preferred OEM manufacturing partner for many reputed global companies.

Viscoelastic, Riboflavin, Stains, Drops, Knives, Cannula, Sponges, Instruments, Strips, Packs

Visit Booth: P105

Ophthalmology Times Europe

Website address:

Company contacts: UBM Advanstar
Hinderton Point, Lloyd Drive, Cheshire Oaks, Cheshire, UK, CH65 9HQ
Tel: +44 (0)151 353 3505
Fax: +44 (0)151 353 3601

Ophthalmology Times Europe, is a physician-driven media brand that presents cutting-edge advancements from around the world in surgery, clinical diagnosis, drug therapy, and technology to elevate the delivery of progressive eye health from physician to patient.


Visit Booth: P209


Website address:

Company contacts: OPTICO LTD
Unit 3, Campus 5, Third Avenue
Letchworth Garden City
Hertfordshire, SG6 2JF, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1462 487066

OPTICO LTD is a UK manufacturer of reusable titanium surgical instruments for ophthalmology. Visit our booth to view our new IOL Scissors and Holder, our wide range of 23g Micro Anterior instruments and our 23g, 25g and 27g Vitreo Retinal instruments.
We welcome the opportunity of expanding our distribution network and working with surgeons to develop new and unique products.

Manufacturer of Titanium Surgical Instruments

Visit Booth: P144

Optikon 2000 SpA

Website address:

Company contacts: Carlo Francia -
Antonio Marucci -
Mario Morini -

Optikon(TM) has been servicing ophthalmology since 1966. Our Mission is to create high quality and state of the art technology ophthalmic equipment to help ophthalmologists give patients better sight. Optikon (TM), with over 45 years of experience, produces a wide set of devices:
integrated/modular surgical system for anterior/posterior segment surgery, such as the R-evolution; high definition A/B Scan, such as the HiScan Touch; corneal topographers and ocular aberrometers, such as Keratron(TM) NOVA and Keratron (TM) Onda.

Anterior/Posterior Segment Surgery - Corneal Topography - Ultrasound Diagnostics

Visit Booth: P145


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P158


Website address:

Company contacts: E:
T: +44 2476 444 118
A: 173a-175a Ansty Road, Coventry, CV2 3FJ, UK

Trusted by thousands of eyecare professionals and their patients, CAPTIV8®+, powered by Optimed, will help you better educate patients and boost revenue.

CAPTIV8®+ enhances consultations and helps secure patient satisfaction, through improved patient education and doctor-patient communication.
Black and Rumney (2017) found that CAPTIV8®+ can increase Optometrist conversion rate from consultation to dispense by 9.85% and average transaction value. This may suggest increased CR% for Ophthalmologists from consultation to procedure and higher likelihood that patients opt for treatment recommended by their practitioner.

Discover CAPTIV8®+. There for you at every step of the patient journey to help differentiate your clinic.

Patient education, patient engagement, clinic marketing

Visit Booth: P2118


Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Tarun Jaggi ( Business Head )- +91 9335154556 ,
Ms. Nikita Jaggi ( Manager Business Development )- +91 9871395858 ,

Trypan Blue 0.6 , Sodium Hyaluronate , Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose , Carbakol Solutions , Ophthalmic Microsurgical Knives , Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments - Iris Retractors , Endo Capsular Rings , Bimanual Sets , Trephines , Cannulas , Ophthalmic Diagnostic Strips - Schirmer Tear Test Strips Plain , Schirmer Tear Test Strips Mark Blu , Fluorescein Sodium Strips U.S.P. , Ophthalmic Disposable Devices -Ophthalmic/Surgical Drapes & Pads, Face Mask, Caps, Gown, Apron, Shoe Cover, Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover, Spears, Eye Shield , Ophthalmic Equipment - Slit Lamp , Keratometer , Indirect Ophthalmoscope , Operation Table .

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P270


Website address:

Company contacts: Optomed Oy
Yrttipellontie 1
90230 Oulu
Tel: +358 20 741 3380

Optomed is the world leading manufacturer of hand-held retinal cameras. We develop and manufacture modern, mobile and easy-to-use retinal imaging devices that are suitable for any clinic for screening of various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, AMD and glaucoma. For more information, please visit or visit us at booth no.P270, Pavilion 2.

Ophthalmic devices

Visit Booth: P161

OPTOPOL Technology

Website address:

Company contacts: OPTOPOL Technology Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zabia 42
42-400 Zawiercie, POLSKA

Tel. +48 32 67 09 173
fax. +48 32 67 000 48

Optopol Technology, the manufacturer of the first in the world Spectral Domain OCT, is a Polish company which designs and produces ophthalmology equipment for professionals. We have been on the market for almost 30 years. At the beginning of this year we launched REVO NX, the world's fastest SOCT, with standard OCT Angiongraphy that takes just 1.6 seconds. Moreover, Optopol introduced two new models of perimeters, the PTS-925W and PTS-2000. Please join us in Lisbon.

Ophthalmic diagnostic equipment.

Visit Booth: P232


Website address:

Company contacts:
+1 (216) 445-3637
10000 Cedar Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106

OptoQuest (a Cleveland Clinic company) leads the personalized medicine revolution in ophthalmology by introducing risk prediction solutions to the corneal and refractive industry. Current corneal and refractive treatment guidance tools inadequately anticipate how individual corneas biomechanically respond to various treatments leading to suboptimal outcomes, reduced patient safety, and increased costs. Only OptoQuest's software, SpecifEye™, models a range of treatment types enabling pioneering clinicians to improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of complications in multiple applications. OptoQuest's tools and services are amenable for clinical practices, industrial R&D, or OEM deployment.

treatment guidance, LASIK, PRK, Corneal Incisions, Crosslinking, SMILE, R&D

Visit Booth: P268


Website address:

Company contacts: Optotek d.o.o.
Tehnološki park 21
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

tel: +386 1 620 4600
fax: +386 1 620 4601

Klemen Kustelj;; +386 1 620 4649
Peter Ota;; +386 1 620 4621

Optotek specializes in developing innovative optical and laser solutions and technologies for applications in medicine and life environmental. Our strong interaction between research, engineering and marketing enables us to develop new products to meet the emerging needs of the marketplace. Our ISO 13485 certified facility, technical support and competitive prices offer the best combination of performance and value without any compromise in quality.

We build solid, impartial and respectful relationships with our customers, business partners, and social environment by paying attention to their wishes, requests and expectations.

Photodisruptor, Iridotomy, Capsulotomy, Glaucoma, SLT/trabeculoplasty, Lacrimal, DCR/dacryocystorhinostomy, Lasers, Development, OEM

Visit Booth: P223


Website address:

Company contacts: Kellie Archer

Optovue, the pioneer of SD-OCT has over 10,000 systems installed globally. Its next generation AngioVue Imaging System, the world's first OCT angiography, visualizes ocular blood vessels, to enable closer management of debilitating sight-threatening diseases.

Optical Coherence Tomography, Digital Imaging, OCT Angiography

Visit Booth: P172

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe

Website address:

Company contacts: Panasonic System Communications Company Europe
Margarita Zoussevitch
European Marketing Manager
Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 8549 2835
Mobil: +49 (0)173 - 6282 604

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision provides applications for various segments such as medical, life science or industrial. The product portfolio includes complete and OEM micro camera solutions. End-user, system integrators or distributors can choose from a range of full product solutions and component vision technology.

Ultra HD4K Micro Camera System, 4K Surgical Image Recording System

Visit Booth: P159

Peschke Trade

Website address:

Company contacts: Yvette Viscuso, Managing Director
Tel: +41 79 822 6390

PXL Platinum with Eye-tracker & Pachymeter -Cross-linking System
PXL Platinum with Eye-tracker-Cross-linking System
PXL Sapphire Standard Cross-linking System
Floor Mount for the System
Peschke M, D, H, TE, L Riboflavin Solutions

Corneal Cross-linking, Refractive

Visit Booth: P155

pfm medical ag

Website address:

Company contacts: pfm medical ag
Wankelstraße 60
50996 Köln, Germany

T +49 2236 9641-0
F +49 2236 9641-20

Since 1973 pfm medical has been the sole European distributor for the medical product range offered by the Japanese blade specialist FEATHER® Safety Razor.

Its portfolio meets the highest requirements by surgeons, histologists and pathologists. The areas of application include: ophthalmology, general surgery, micro surgery, histology, pathology and otorhinolaryngology.

pfm medical ag is a medium-sized, family-owned limited company employing more than 400 people worldwide.
Within geographic and thematic specifications, we set up teams that focus on results, cooperation and initiative.

Micro surgical instruments and cannulae for ophthalmology and fine incision

Visit Booth: P1137


Website address:

Company contacts:

Vitrectomy lens, Cryosurgerie,

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1137A

PharmArgus Pharmaceuticals

Website address:

Company contacts: Contact: Mr Sinan Sofuoglu/ Business Development Director
Phone: +90 212 288 49 06

PharmARGUS is a fast-growing company in the global ophthalmic market. Our core competences are product development and technology applications for the manufacturing of sterile eye products.

FLUOSINE® 10% I.V(100mg/ml sodium fluorescein 5ml single use vial)
UNIFRESH® (0.15% sodium hyaluronate single dose 0,3ml solution)
NACLODEM® (5% sodium chloride single dose 0,3ml solution)
FLUOSINE® (2% sodium fluorescein single dose 0,3ml solution)

Retina Angiography/Single Use Eye Drops

Visit Booth: P1149


Website address:

Company contacts: PhysIOL sa
4, Allée des Noisetiers
B-4031 Liège (Belgium)
+32 4 361 05 49

PhysIOL designs, manufactures and markets innovative intraocular lenses.
Our products are supplied to ophthalmic surgeons in over 70 countries, through a worldwide network.
- FineVision HP®: trifocal hydrophobic G-free® IOL
- FineVision® : the first trifocal IOL
- FineVision Toric® : trifocal toric IOL
- Ankoris® : hydrophilic toric IOL
- MicroPure 123® : preloaded hydrophobic G-free® IOL
- PodEye®: hydrophobic G-free® IOL
- Micro+ A 123® and Micro+ AY 123® : preloaded hydrophilic IOLs for micro-incision
- SlimFlex® : standard monofocal IOL

Premium IOLs for cataract and refractive surgery

Visit Booth: P182

Plusoptix GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Plusoptix GmbH
Neumeyerstr. 48
90411 Nuremberg
Tel.: 0049 - 911 - 59 83 99 10

plusoptiX A12R - Mobile Pediatric Autorefractor
plusoptiX A12C - Mobile Pediatric Autorefractor
plusoptiX A16 - Pediatric Autorefractor

Autorefraction, Retinoscopy, Pupillometry

Visit Booth: P288


Website address:

Company contacts: Presbia PLC (Headquarters)
Sandyford Office Centre
17 Corrig Road, Suite 7
Sandyford, Dublin 18 Ireland
tel: +353-1-551-1487

PresbiBio, LLC (Administrative)
7700 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 700
Irvine, CA 92618
tel: +1-949-502-7010
fax: +1-323-832-8447

PresbiBio, LLC (Manufacturing)
8845 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618

Presbia Coöperatief U.A.
Pieter Pauwstraat 2A-I
1017 ZJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
tel: +31-20-7084-556
fax: +31-20-7084-556


Presbia, a publicly traded company, has developed and is marketing a lens implant for treating presbyopia. The Presbia Flexivue Microlens™, is a miniature (3.2mm in diameter) refractive lens implanted in a femtosecond laser created pocket in the cornea. A range of powers starting a +1.50 to 3.50 diopters with 0.25 diopter increments allows surgeons to customize patient treatment. The lens provides the patient with functional near, intermediate, and distance vision. Please visit our website at for more information.

Presbia Flexivue Microlens

Visit Booth: P120

Prescott's Inc

Website address:

Company contacts:

Surgical Microscopes and service

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Quantel Medical is proud to introduce a new generation of A/B ultrasound system as well as a new version of our Supra 810nm laser with Subcyclo, a new treatment method of glaucoma using subthreshold laser emission.
Since 1993, Quantel Medical is a major actor in the ophthalmic ultrasound and laser industry. In addition to 17 major technical innovations, Quantel Medical has introduced a world first in retina lasers with Easyret using the Quantel group proprietary fiber technology bringing longer cavity lifespan, pure 577nm wavelength for more clinical versatility, increased safety and efficiency thanks to the laser beam profile quality.


Visit Booth: P118


Website address:

Company contacts:

Digital Acuity Chart
Digital system for slit lamp
Slit Lamp
Instrument tables

Digital Acuity Chart & Digital Slit Lamp

Visit Booth: P207


Website address:

Company contacts: Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited
10 Dominion Way
West Sussex
BN14 8AQ
United Kingdom

Company information not available

IOLs, Fully Preloaded Injectors, Eye Care, OVDs

Visit Booth: P1144

Refocus Group, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Kevin Cady, VP of Marketing & Business Development

Refocus Group Inc., is a pioneer in vision-correction technology and the developer of the VisAbility™ Micro-Insert System designed to restore the full natural accommodative reflex of the presbyopic patient. The procedure is performed outside the visual axis, thereby preserving the patient's quality of vision at all distances. The VisAbility™ Micro-Insert System is currently undergoing a US IDE Multi-Center Trial through Refocus Group Inc., Dallas, TX. The device is CE marked and available in Europe through Refocus Ocular B.V., Netherlands.

Presbyopia; Refractive Surgery

Visit Booth: P2100

Reichert Technologies

Website address: WWW.REICHERT.COM

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Reper is specialized in implants made from hydrophobic material. Our acrylic is with low water content, comfortable unfolding time and glistening free.
We produce artificial iris, intracapsular rings, anti-glaucoma shunt, IOLs and other implants from hydrophobic acrylic.

IOL, artificial iris, capsule tension ring, anti-glaucoma shunt

Visit Booth: P115

RET, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Name : Yunhyeong Kim
Contact : +82 1030048672
Maill :

We are the leading company of Intraocular Lens Injector and cartridge system in the world.
We are manufacturing and developing IOL injector and cartridge and preloaded system for IOL manufacturer.
We located in South Korea.

Single Use, IOL Placement System

Visit Booth: P255


Website address:

Company contacts: e-mail:
Tel: +81-3-3256-7701
Fax: +81-3-3256-7702

Rexxam Co., Ltd. has been known as the manufacturer of the ophthalmic instruments under SHIN-NIPPON brand.
At ESCRS, we are going to introduce new Rexxam brand along with our new products.

・Auto Ref-Keratometer
・Auto Ref-Topographer (New)
・Specular Microscope (New)
・Auto Lensmeter
・Digital Refractor
・Non-Contact Tonometer
・LCD Chart (New)
・Slit Lamp
・Digital Camera System for Slit Lamp (New)

Ophthalmic instruments

Visit Booth: P157


Website address:

Company contacts: For information, contact to TEL +81-3-3960-2275 FAX +81-3-3960-2285 Email

Handheld Autorefract Keratometer RETINOMAX series, Autorefract Keratometer SPEEDY-i series and SPEEDY K2, LED Slit Lamp MW50D, Auto Refractor RVll with LCD Chart and Lends Meter

Ophthalmic Instruments, Optical Instruments

Visit Booth: P142

Rini Ergoteknik AB

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P171

ROLAND CONSULT Stasche & Finger GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts:
+972 8 690 1144

Brass2000 -Surface measurements and quality
Brass3000-Surface measurements and quality including wavefront and Zernike terms
Iola MFD - Measure ALL IOL's for power astigmatism and MTF
Iola Plus 4C-Measure IOL's for power astigmatism and MTF (except diffractive optics)
State of the art Metrology systems
Metrology projects, automation, software and optics

Advanced metrology systems and projects

Visit Booth: P298


Website address:

Ernst-Abbe-Strasse 30b
52249 Eschweiler

Phaco- and Vitrectomy Systems Qube / Qube pro, Light Source QLS, Qline-Series, Vitreous Cutters, VitreoKits and other disposables, accessories

Phaco Machine, Cataract, Vitrectomy, Surgery Systems, Cutter, Disposables, Vitrectomy Machine

Visit Booth: P187

Rumex International Co.

Website address:

Company contacts: USA, Canada:
+1 (727) 535 9600
+1 (877) 77 RUMEX (toll-free)
+1 (727) 535 8300

For international clients from
Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America:
+371 6616 3182

Handheld ophthalmic reusable surgical instruments made of titanium and stainless steel for both anterior and posterior segments. Handheld disposable instruments for anterior and posterior segments. Consumables for ophthalmic surgery.

Surgical reusable/disposable instruments and consumables for anterior and posterior segments

Visit Booth: P132


Website address:

Company contacts: Santen
La Voie-Creuse 14, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

At Santen, ophthalmology is our singular focus. We are constantly exploring new possibilities in eye care and are focused on working with clinicians to support them in bringing hope to patients with eye disease.
Santen is the leading ophthalmology company in Japan, with over 125 years of experience, and has been in Europe since 1994.
Please visit us at Stand P132 to discover our whole range of products, covering therapeutic areas such as dry eye, glaucoma and infection.

dry eye, glaucoma and infection

Visit Booth: P169

SAV-IOL SA – Swiss Advanced Vision

Website address:

Company contacts: SAV-IOL SA
Route des Falaises 74
2000 Neuchâtel

P +41 32 566 54 00

SAV-IOL SA – Swiss Advanced Vision, designs and manufactures entirely in Switzerland high quality EDOF IOLs for the cataract surgery. At the core of this innovation stands the Instant Focus technology that enables the replacement of the natural accommodation of the crystalline lens providing a continuous vision from near to far while maintaining a constant resolution and light intensity on the retina and minimizing the dysphotopsia. Two new EDOF IOLs will be launched at the occasion of this ESCRS.

Intraocular lenses, Premium IOLs, EDOF

Visit Booth: P196

SBM Sistemi

Website address:

Company contacts:
0039 011 199 23 378
Strada Torino 43, Orbassano (TO) Italy

Diagnostic Dry Eye technology made in italy


Visit Booth: P1150

SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions

Website address:

Company contacts: SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions GmbH
Mainparkstr. 6-10
63801 Kleinostheim, Germany
fon: + 49 (0) 6027 / 508-0
fax: + 49 (0) 6027 / 508-208

The SCHWIND AMARIS Excimer Laser family represents the forefront of technology today and is available in three versions with pulse rates from 500 to 1050 Hz and eye tracking up to 7D. One of the most major distinguishing characteristics of the AMARIS is that it is capable of performing a variety of advanced ablation patterns, utilizing their proprietary diagnostic systems for aberration-free refractive patterns, and customized high resolution wavefront guided patterns. Surgeons that prefer Advanced Surface Ablation have the capability of performing the touch-free SmartSurfACE procedure. It combines TransPRK with innovative SmartPulse technology for superior smoothness and faster visual recovery.


Visit Booth: P253

SciCan GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: SciCan GmbH
Wangener Str. 78
88299 Leutkirch - GERMANY
Phone: +49 7561 983 43 -0
Fax: +49 7561 983 43 - 699

Company information not available

Full Spectrum on Infection Control Solutions

Visit Booth: P194

See. Hi. Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P153

Servimed Industrial

Website address:

Company contacts: Servimed Industrial Spa
Headquarters: Via Tempio del Cielo 3-5, 00144, Roma (Italy)
Phone: +39 06 92595490

CF X-LINKER® : Corneal Cross-linking System
RIBOCROSS® , RIBOFAST® : Ophthalmic Solution for Corneal Cross-linking
DROP Defence® : DPI eye drop, protective against UV and blue light
DROPtest® : eye stain in sterile solution, riboflavin based
Easy Tonometry (by EasyOphth): tonometry kit, including DROPtest® and EasyTon® cones.

Corneal Cross-linking; Eye Drops; Eye Stain

Visit Booth: P101


Website address:

Company contacts: Website:

871/3B,Behind Shruthi Motors,
P B Road, Davangere-577006,
Karnataka, India
Ph: + 91 8192 270246 | Fax : + 91 8192 253881

We are into manufacturing of "OPHTHALMIC MICRO SURGICAL KNIVES". Our Acucut Knives can be compared to any leading Global Ophthalmic Knives in terms of Sharpness, Performance, Consistency, and Quality. We are a ISO 13485 Certified Company & our Products is CE certified. We are also US FDA registered Company. We export our Ophthalmic Knives to more than 30 countries Including countries.

Our Ophthalmic Knives are manufactured through fully automated process & THRU Electro Polishing & Etching process.

Slit Ophthalmic Surgical Knives
Clear Cornea Ophthalmic Surgical Knives
Crescent Knives
MVR Knives

Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Knives, Ophthalmic Blades, Trocar 23 & 25G

Visit Booth: P252

Shanghai MediWorks

Website address:

Company contacts:

MediWorks is a professional manufacturer for slit lamps, vision charts, applanation tonometers,handheld fundus camera and retina lenses. For more details, please visit

ophthalmic diagnostic instrument, slit lamps,vision chart,handheld fundus camera

Visit Booth: P248

Shanghai New Eyes Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: Address: No.1800 Huangxing Road, Yangpu Dist, 200433, Shanghai, China
Office contact : 86-21-55090806
Email address:

3D Surgical Microscope Recording System, Surgical Microscope Recording System , Ophthalmic Wireless PACS Management, Fundus Camera Digitalization, Image Processing System of Slit Lamps,Portable Fundus Camera and other medical digital products.

fundus camera; video recording system

Visit Booth: P134

Sharpoint- Surgical Specialties Corporation

Website address:

Company contacts:
1 877.991.1110

Surgical Specialties Corporation offer ophthalmic surgeons and healthcare providers the Sharpoint line of single-use ophthalmic products. Our broad range of products designed for ophthalmology include: microsurgical knives, sutures, punctual plugs and trephine systems. Owing to its precision manufacturing processes, reliability, and history, the Sharpoint brand has become recognized globally as a leader in micro-incision technologies. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high performance surgical knives and wound closure products and have done so for over 40 years. Our proprietary blade finishing process eliminates grinding and produces consistent quality and sharpness, blade after blade.

Surgical Knives, Suture, and Single Use Instruments

Visit Booth: P284


Website address:

Company contacts:

Shenyang SINQI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of ophthalmic drugs. SINQI has eight series of products such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agents, artificial tears, corneal repair agents, anti-fatigue drugs, mydriatics, surgery medications and medications for dry eye disease, including 15 key drugs, and provides high-quality products for treating ocular diseases.

ophthalmic drugs

Visit Booth: P1142

Shire International GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts:

Shire is the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases and other highly specialized conditions. We strive to develop best-in-class products across our core therapeutic areas including Ophthalmics, Hematology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Gastrointestinal/Internal Medicine/Endocrine, Hereditary Angioedema, and Oncology.

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: Christos Kariotis


IOLs, Ophthalmic Knives, Cataract Packs, Viscoelastics, pfs, Trypan Blue

Visit Booth: P219


Website address:

Company contacts: Product Communication
- Roberta Mazzarino -

- Hyalistil Bio
- Hyalistil Plus
- Azyr Mega
- AVS Retina
- Mini Well

MINI WELL - Surgical Device

Visit Booth: P278

Sight Sciences

Website address:

Company contacts:
+1 877 266 1144

3000 Sand Hill Road, Building 3, Suite 105
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States

Sight Sciences is a medical device company serving the ophthalmic community and dedicated to the development of technology-driven solutions that address the underlying physiology of eye diseases. Sight Sciences offers market leadership in designing innovative systems to address glaucoma via ab interno access while offering comprehensive treatment without leaving hardware in the eye. Its surgical product portfolio comprises the VISCO™360 and TRAB™360 surgical systems which can treat the continuum of glaucoma disease progression. Both systems offer flexibility in treatment and can be combined in a single procedure, enabling the surgeon to customize therapy based on each patient's needs.

Micro-invasive glaucoma surgical systems

Visit Booth: P295

Sihong Ophsurin Co., Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Qian Zhang
South side of West Fenjinting Road, Industrial park, Sihong, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

ophthalmic surgical instruments, scissors, forceps, speculum, probe, chopper, manipulators, diamond knife, vitreo instruments, ect.

ophthalmic surgical instruments

Visit Booth: P276

Soleko S.p.A.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

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Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. I. H. Choi

3D Video Operation Microscope (VOMS-100)


Visit Booth: P164

Sonomed Escalon

Website address:

Company contacts: SonomedEscalon
Tel: 1-516-354-0900

Sonomed Escalon will be proudly displaying the VuPad UBM, B-Scan/UBM and combined A-Scan/B-Scan/UBM, VuMax-HD UBM, B-Scan and combined A-Scan/B-Scan/UBM, PacScan Plus Series 300A+ A-Scan and 300AP+ A-Scan/Pachymeter, Master-Vu A-Scan, Master-Vu B-Scan, GoVu Pachymeter, Image Management Software.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment - A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM and Pachymetry

Visit Booth: P1131

SOOFT italia Spa - Fidia Pharma Group

Website address:

Company contacts: Sooft Italia S.p.A.
Contrada Molino, 17
63833 Montegiorgio (FM) – ITALY
Ph. +39 0734 964096 -

SOOFT italia is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs, medical devices and OTC products for the ophthalmic market. SOOFT is leader in Trans-Epithelial Cross Linking (EPI-ON) procedure, thanks to the efficacy of its product for IONTOPHORESIS: RICROLIN+® (Riboflavin solution). Moreover, the Company aims at promoting and developing scientific collaborations with worldwide key opinion leaders, to enhance knowledge sharing, as well as discussing research projects and activities focusing on new treatment options for eye and vision health problems.

Drugs, food supplements, Medical Devices, OTC products

Visit Booth: P193


Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Jatin Pahwa - Operations & Marketing Head

Speedway Surgical Co. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of surgical instruments in India and across globe.
The company is committed to provide international quality standards and is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 certified and registered with FDA and CE Mark.
We offer special discounted pricing only at the exhibition.

Ophthalmic Instruments, CTR's, Iris Retractors, Dry Eyes Instruments, Sapphires

Visit Booth: P2107


Website address:

Company contacts:

EVO Visian ICL

Medical Devices Lenses

Visit Booth: P1141

Stephens Instruments

Website address:

Company contacts:

Stephens Instruments has been providing the highest quality hand held ophthalmic instruments since 1976. As the requirements of the leading physicians in ophthalmology have changed over the years, Stephens Instruments has been there providing innovative ideas to your surgical needs. Providing a full line of instruments in both stainless steel and titanium. Stephens is also excited to introduce our new line of single use ophthalmic instruments, Safe Site. Offering physician and patient the peace of mind that each instrument will have the precision of a new instrument and has never been used in another procedure.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P168

Stereo Optical

Website address:

Company contacts: Charlene Friend (USA)

Stereo Optical is a division of Essilor Instruments. For over 60 years, Stereo Optical has been an expert in the manufacturing, selling, and global distribution for vision screening products across many markets and professions, with trusted use and validation. Our key products include: Functional Vision Analyzer, OPTEC® PLUS Digital Vision Screener, Optec 5000 Series vision screeners, stereotests and Ishihara color tests, and vision testing products such as trial frames and lens sets.

Vision Screeners and Testing Products

Visit Booth: P180

Sterimedix Limited

Website address:

Company contacts: Sterimedix Limited
1 Madeley Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9NB, UK
Tel: +44 1527 501480

Sterimedix Limited manufactures and sells a complete range of single use surgical devices fro ophthalmic surgery.

Products include:
I/A Handpieces
Incision Markers
Backflush Handles
Soft Tip Cannulas
Hydrodissection Cannulas
Anaesthtic Needles and Cannulas
Lasik Cannulas

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

Single Use Surgical Products for all Ophthalmic Surgery

Visit Booth: P245


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P271

Surgistar, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Now celebrating our 25th anniversary, Surgistar invites you to see our expanded range of Safety and Regular Knives. We now feature Clear Cornea, Trapezoid, Double and Single Bevel configurations to fulfill whichever incisional needs you may have.
Our Corneal Products series, featuring the Advanced Radial Vacuum Trephine is another customer favorite.
Whether your specialty is Cataract, Corneal, Vitreoretinal, Oculoplastic or Refractive, Surgistar has a variety of single use products.
Come see why Surgistar is the Cutting Edge of Tomorrow.

Safety and Regular Cataract Knives, Corneal Products, Cannulas, Accessories

Visit Booth: P170

Susruta Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. P. L. Lalwani
Susruta Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
87/3/B, Phase - I, GIDC Vatva,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 382445.
M: +91-9601005544

Our Mission is to serve ophthalmologists, particularly Cataract and IOL implant surgeons world over by providing them with better tools at economical price. We realize that to do this better we will have to have a close interaction with the ophthalmologists to understand their changing needs.

Our products are CE certified. We are also ISO 13485:2003 compliant for our quality system.

Our product range includes Micro Surgical Knives, IOL's – Foldable Hydrophobic, Foldable Hydrophilic & PMMA Rigid, Cannulas – Disposable, Reusable, Instruments – S.S, Ti.

We specialize in Designing and Developing of new micro surgical instruments.

Micro Surgical Knives, IOL's, Cannulas, SS & TI Instruments

Visit Booth: P277

Suzhou Industrial Park Wei Ting Bai Shun Medical Instrument Company

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P121


Website address:

Company contacts:
+86-158 6230 5620


No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P230

Suzhou Microclear Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P265

Takagi Europe Ltd & Takagi Seiko Ltd

Website address:

Company contacts: Alan Temple - European Sales Manager +44 (0)7766 004 379

Slit lamps, Operating Microscopes, Imaging Systems, Diagnostic & Specialist, and Ophthalmic Furniture

Japanese Manufacturer of Devices for Ophthalmology and Optometry

Visit Booth: P117

TEAC Europe GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Mail:
Phone: +49 611 7158362

Meet TEAC´s latest surgical video recorder
UR-4MD is TEAC´s HD medical Recorder designed for quick set up and ease of use.
It includes a robust list of features and capabilities.

HD Video Recording

Visit Booth: P1154

TearLab Corp.

Website address:

Company contacts: Kristine Coan

TearLab is pioneering the future of tear film diagnostics to elevate patient care. Using its first of a kind point-of-care ophthalmic in vitro diagnostic platform, TearLab allows you to add data to your insights to guide the diagnosis and management of the ocular surface. With precise and predictive information available in a matter of seconds, you are able to evaluate tear film health, uncover abnormal osmolarity, inform your treatment plan based on severity, and manage patient progress. The TearLab osmolarity test is CLIA waived and has a specific CPT reimbursement code.

Dry Eye; Medical Device; Diagnostics

Visit Booth: P280

Tecfen Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: Contact: Kerim Ekonomi
Tel: +1-805-967-1153
Email -

Tecfen Medical has been manufacturing & distributing precision ophthalmic products for over 30 years. We have a full range of USA made surgical products including Microkeratome Blades, Ophthalmic Knives, PVA & Cellulose Eye Spears, Instrument Wipes, Traditional Trephines, Non-Vacuum & Vacuum Trephine Punches, Vacuum Trephines, Surgical Drapes, Cannulas, etc. We also offer a wide selection of Post-Op Cataract & Lasik Sunglasses & Kits, Single Eye Shields, Dual Eye Shields, Goggles and more.

Knives, Trephines, PVA Spears, Microkeratomes Blades, Sunglasses, Eyeshields, Drapes, Post-OpKits

Visit Booth: P234

The Ophthalmologist

Website address:

Company contacts:

Intelligent, informative and interesting – three words that describe what you demand from an ophthalmologist's magazine. The Ophthalmologist tells the most engaging stories from the most interesting people in ophthalmology. We inform, with the latest news, pipeline insights – plus the most useful practical guides to both surgical procedures and professional and practice development. Engagingly written with the highest scientific, editorial and design standards, it's all about you. The Ophthalmologist is your magazine.

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P217


Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1172

Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P294


Website address:

Company contacts: Yuriy Kolpakov
+7 903 3078572

reusable microsurgical ophthalmic instruments : forceps, needle holders, scissors, hooks, spatulas, knives, eye speculums,cannulas, injectors

reusable ophthalmic instruments forceps needle holders scissors spatulas knives cannula

Visit Booth: P176

Titan Surgical LLC

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P1152

Tomey GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: Tomey GmbH
Wiesbadener Str. 21
90427 Nürnberg
Phone +49 911 9385462-0
Fax +49 9119385462-20

B Scan-Biometer
A/B Scanner
Optical Biometer
Non Contact Endothelium Microscope
Non Contact Tonometer
Optical Coherence Tomographer
Corneal Topography+Scheimpflug
Slit Lamps
Chart Projector
Chart Panel
Refraction Units

The good reputation of Tomey ophthalmic diagnostic systems is due to their accuracy and reliability. Last but not least the dedicated distributors successfully promote Tomeys name all over the world.

Company: Tomey GmbH
Address: Wiesbadener Str. 21
90427 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 (0) 911 - 9385462
Fax: +49 (0) 911 – 9385462-20

ophthalmic and optical diagnostic systems

Visit Booth: P184

Topcon Europe Medical BV

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

No product(s)/service information available

Visit Booth: P154

Tracey Technologies

Website address:

Company contacts: Tracey Technologies in Europe: Karel Fabry
+32 484 233 199

Tracey Technologies provides advanced systems for ophthalmic diagnostics and surgical planning, including the iTrace Ray Tracing Aberrometer and Corneal Topographer. The latest innovation to the iTrace software platform, the Dysfunctional Lens Index™ provides the first objective metric for lens performance so that surgeons can determine the most appropriate time for lens replacement. Along with the DLI™, the iTrace introduces the Toric Check to provide the location of the lens cylinder and if a rotation improves the results. The iTrace offers cataract surgeons a wealth of information and tools for diagnostics, surgical planning, and post-operative assessments.

iTrace: Wavefront Aberrometry, Corneal Topography, Visual Function Analysis

Visit Booth: P123


Website address:

Company contacts: TRIOPTICS GmbH
Hafenstr. 35-39
22880 Wedel
Phone: +49 4103 18006-0
Fax: +49 4103 18006-20

OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2
WaveMaster® IOL 2

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+44 (0) 1638 721500

Tristel is a manufacturer of infection control products. Its lead technology is a proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation.

Tristel Duo is chlorine dioxide in a foam, designed specifically for the high-level disinfection of ophthalmic medical devices. Tristel Duo is safer, easier to use and more compatible than alternative disinfectants in common use in ophthalmology, such as sodium hypochlorite, aldehydes, peracetic acid or alcohol. The efficacy of Tristel Duo is equal to 10,000 ppm sodium hypochlorite, without being toxic to the user or damaging to the medical device.

Tristel Duo is sporicidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal in only 30 seconds.

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Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk

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Company contacts: Christiane Paschke
Rita Brueggemann

Eyesfirst®, Diagnostic Eye Products, Visual Acuity Charts, Ophthalmoscopes, HEINE Products, Press-on Foils, Prisms, Low Vision Tests, Low Contrast Tests, MARS Low Contrast Charts, Visual Development and Rehabilitation Tests, LEA™ Tests, Preferential Looking Tests, Neuro-Orthoptic Tests, Screening Sets, Luvis mini Illuminated Cabinet, ETDRS Charts and Cabinets, Dementia Tests, Binocularity Tests, Occluders, OKN Instruments, Neutral Density Filters, Trial Frames, Refraction Tools, Retinoscopes, Single-use Tonometer Prisms, Stereo Tests, Titmus Stereo Tests, Lang Stereo Tests, Red-green Tests, PHAKE-I® Surgical Practice Eye, Surgical Instruments, Scissors, Cannulas, Forceps, Capsulorhexis Forceps, Needle Holders, Specula, Chopper, Manipulators, CPT, Custom Procedure Trays, Manufacturer of TRU-PACK® - high quality CPT

Visual Acuity Tests, Surgical Instruments, Custom-Procedure-Trays, Binocularity Tests, Refraction, Neuro-Orthoptic

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Website address: WWW.USIOL.COM

Company contacts: U.S. IOL INC.

U.S. IOL has been manufacturing IOL's from our facility in Lexington, Kentucky since 1986. Innovating with the ophthalmic the ophthalmic market, we offer a wide variety of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOL's, in a variety of optical surfaces. U.S. IOL also provides a full line of ophthalmic sutures, visoelastic, and other necessities for the surgical theater. Offering over 30 years for experience and the best customer service in the industry U.S. IOL wants to expand your practices horizons.

IOL's, Sutures, Viscotelastic, Dry Eye, Single Use and Durable Instruments

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UFSK-International OSYS

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Company contacts: Juergen Scherrieble
General Manager

Treatment chairs
surgeon's & Assistant's stools
transport- and Relaxing chairs
Patient & Equipment protection

treatment chairs, surgeon's & assistant's stools, patient & equipment protection

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URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH

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Company contacts: URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH
Industriestr. 35
66129 Saarbrücken

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VectorVision/Ceatus Media

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VectorVision will display the CSV-1000 vision testing instrument, the global benchmark for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS testing. The CSV-1000 is widely used for clinical trials, disease evaluation and cataract documentation. Also exhibiting will be Ceatus Media Group, the worldwide leader in digital marketing for premium eye care practices. Ceatus offers unparalleled services for website design, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and reputation management. Dr David Evans and his staff will be available in the booth to demonstrate the CSV-1000 for VectorVision, and to offer an evaluation for your practice website, online reputation and overall digital footprint.

Diagnostic Equipment / Internet Marketing

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Company contacts: Visiometrics, S.L.
c/ Argenters 8, Edifici nº 3
Parc Tecnològic del Valès
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona (Spain)
+34 935 824 509

Based on the double-pass technique, OQAS HD Analyzer measures: O.S.I. (Objective Scatter Index), Optical Quality: Real PSF and MTF Accommodation Tear Film break-up time.

Cataract, Dry-Eye, Refractive Surgery, Optical Quality, DLS-Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome,Tear Film,Screening,OSI,OQAS

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Vision Share

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Company contacts: Vision Share, Inc.
111 N Wabash
Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60602

International Number: +1 312 343 5361

US Number: 1-888-657-4448 • US Fax: 1-888-657-4410

Vision Share's network of eye banks provide the opportunity to meet local, national and international eye tissue needs for tissue recovery and sight restoration. Additionally, as an industry leader, Vision Share provides expertise, knowledge and education for the purpose of improving the eye banking and Ophthalmologic industries.

Eye Bank, Cornea Transplant, Cornea Tissue

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VISUfarma BV

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Company contacts: VISUfarma BV
Rembrandt Tower,11th floor | Amstelplein 1 | 1096 HA Amsterdam | The Netherlands
Email: inquiries
Email: queries

VISUfarma is a pan European ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with a clear mission: to bring high quality products and global therapeutic innovation to European Eye Health. We are an ambitious and fast growing opthalmology player, commercialising a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products and medical devices across Europe and in 20+ countries worldwide trough exclusive distributors. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and was formed by successfully merging the Italian opthalmology company VISUfarma SpA, and the French European opthalmology company NiCox Pharma.

Dry eye disease, glaucoma, eyelid care, food supplements

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Visunex Medical Systems

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Company contacts: Website address:

Company contacts: 46824 Lakeview Boulevard,
Fremont, CA 94538 USA

Phone: 1.510.248.4216

PanoCam® LT
PanoCam® Pro

Imaging Device, Wide-field Imaging

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Vitreq BV

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Company contacts: Vitreq B.V.
Seggelant-Noord 2
3237 MG Vierpolders
The Netherlands
T. +31-181-745090

Disposable and reusable Micro Forceps and scissors for VR surgery, Backflush instruments, Retractable Tissue Manipulators, Directional Laser Probes, Directional and Illuminated Laser Probes, Light fibers, Surgical liquids for anterior segment - Treq Blue - and posterior segment - Silicon Oils and PFCL, disposable vitrectomy lenses, disposable vitreoretinal specialties including VFI cannulas, scleral depressors, ultra clean air systems for surgery - Operio and Toul Meditech

Instruments, Laser probes, Surgical liquids, Light fibers, Backflush, Cannulas

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Company contacts: Telf: (0034) 868 954 817
Address: Edificio CEEIM. Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 30100 Murcia, Spain

VAO ®. Visual Adaptive Optics simulator.

VAO is a unique instrument for full vision assessment and customization of premium optical solutions.

With VAO patients can see through their new solution before it is implemented via multifocal intraocular lenses or refractive surgery in order to optimize the visual results.

Visual Adaptive Optics simulator (VAO). Diagnosis device. Class 2a

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VRmagic GmbH

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Company contacts: VRmagic GmbH
Turley-Straße 20
D-68167 Mannheim

Phone +49 621 400 416-0
Fax +49 621 400 416-99

The German-based company VRmagic is the leading provider of virtual reality simulators for training in ophthalmology. The high-fidelity technology developed by VRmagic ensures an immersive simulation experience and life-like learning environment – making it possible for trainees to effectively gain medical experience without stress on patients and independently of hospital routine. Available simulators from VRmagic are Eyesi® Surgical for intraocular surgery training, and Eyesi® Direct and Eyesi® Indirect Ophthalmoscope for training of retinal examinations and diagnostic skills. All training systems provide an embedded curriculum and tools for evidence-based skills assessment.

Eyesi Surgical Simulator, Eyesi Ophthalmoscope Simulator, Training Simulators, Education

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VSY Biotechnology

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VSY Biotechnology is one of the most innovative manufacturers in cataract segment of ophthalmology. Each year the company adds on value-added products into its portfolio. The combination of target driven R&D projects with strict quality assurance policy enables VSY Biotechnology to deliver cutting-edge IOLs and OVDs for cataract surgery.
Acriva Monofocal
Acriva Reviol Multifocal
Acriva Toric
Acriva Reviol Multifocal Toric
Trifocal Toric
Acriva HAF Scleral Fixation
Protectalon Sodium Hyaluronate
Protectacel HPMC
Acrijet Green Cartridge and Injector System

Intraocular Lens, OVDs, Cartridge and Injector

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Wenzhou Raymond Photoelectricity Tech.Co.Ltd

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Company contacts: +86-0577-86580028

Fundus Camera,Contrast Sensitivity Funtion Tester,Corneal Topographer

medical apparatus and instruments

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WinFame USA Inc.

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WinFame USA, Inc. is located at Los Angeles, California, USA. WinFame is a full-line surgical instrument company at Cataract & Refractive Surgery. We carry all sizes of sapphire & black diamond surgical blades; titanium surgical instrument. Learn more, please visit us on:

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Wisepress Medical Bookshop

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Company contacts: Wisepress Medical Bookshop, Europe's leading conference bookseller, has a complete range of books and journals relevant to the themes of the meeting. Books can be purchased at the stand or, if you would rather not carry them, posted to you – Wisepress will deliver worldwide. In addition to attending 200 conferences per year, Wisepress has a comprehensive medical and scientific bookshop online with great offers.

Extensive range of medical and scientific books and journals

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Company contacts: Address: Building 17, Software Park, 29 Lianze Road, Wuxi 214125, China
Phone:Charles Liao +001-949-7353827
Evian Zhu +86-13817599242
Fax: +86-510-85192551

Wuxi Vision Pro Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing high refractive index hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses.

The company's quality control system has received ISO-13485 certification and both of aspheric and spheric IOLs have received CE certification. Our product portfolio is going to include spheric, aspheric, toric and multifocal intraocular lenses which are made from our innovative and proprietary hydrophobic acrylic materials with or without blue-blocking chromophore.

We are rapidly growing and looking for distributors from Asia, Europe and South America to grow with us.

Aspheric IOL; Spheric IOL; Toric IOL and Hydrophobic Acrylic Materials

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Xiehe Medical Instruments

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Company contacts: Xiehe Medical Instruments
Address: 99. Gusheng Road, Guoxiang Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu 215124, China
Tel: +86-512-65973529
Fax: +86-512-65973599
link man: Mr. Fan Yiqing
Mobile: +86-139-62166976

All of instruments for cataract operation, vitreous body operation, ultrasonic and emulsification cataract extraction operation, corneal trans-plantation operation, glaucoma operation and dacryocystorhinostomy & Intubation operation etc.

reusable surgical instruments and disposable ophthalmic knife

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Company contacts:,
Tel : 00903423217477
Fax: 00903423217487



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More than 17 years Yuratek has been developing products according to ıts experience in opthalmology and opthometry industries all around the world and exporting products to many countries in Middle East, Europe, Africa, America and Australia and Asia . Our primary goal is to our customers happy with the quality and customisable options of our products...

refraction unıt and instrument table

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Company contacts: Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Göschwitzer Straße 51-52
07745 Jena, Germany
Phone: +49 3641 220-0

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG offers complete solutions, including implants and consumables, to diagnose and treat eye conditions and ophthalmic diseases. The comprehensive ZEISS portfolio is designed to meet the demands of eye care professionals and help them deal with an increasingly challenging healthcare environment.

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Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems

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Company contacts: Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG
Allmendstrasse 11
2562 Port, Switzerland

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG:
The entire range of innovative Ziemer products will be shown: Ziemer's FEMTO LDV™ Z Models and the GALILEI™ G6 Lens Professional.

Surgical and Diagnostic Devices for Cataract and Refractive